Monday, August 13, 2012

Birthday MUD PARTY

will turned 7 this month. after the blast we had at our little mud party earlier this summer, he decided to carry the theme over for his birthday. see invites here we had so. much. fun. it was seriously the best time ever. there's just something about seeing kids splashing, and rolling in mud that makes you feel all is well in the world. anyway, i've had several people ask me, what one exactly does at a mud party in the city so i thought i'd give you a little picture outline. :) enjoy the mess!
our mud pit isn't extremely large. half of this area in our yard grows our squash and pumpkins, so handyandy just laid a huge beam in front of the veggies to create a boundary line. then he dug a couple pits on either side and filled them up with water, to get the mud a cookin.
we told the boys to wear old clothes so they could get as dirty as they wished. they built reservoirs, canals, floods and then when it was almost time to hose off, the bucket dumping began. it was the best part for sure.

Happy 7th Birthday! we love you will!!
then we ate pizza, had dirt dessert and then let the boys have a clean water fight with water balloons and sprinklers until their parents came. super easy, lots of fun.
and a great big shout out goes to handy andy for embracing and loving such a crazy messy party even though the neat and tidy OCD part of his personality was freaking out a little bit. good work, babe! you made the day super fun!


  1. wow. what a party!!!! Will is going to remember this for years to come, I'm sure! The boys look like they thoroughly enjoyed every minute. hahaha. I call it a success Meagan!! :-) Miss you!

  2. Looks like you had a SUPER fun party! :)

  3. What a fantastic idea for a party! I love the added touch of the mud on the party invitations. Makes me wish my boy was born in the summer :)

  4. well, wow. you get mom of the year. for reals. just the very idea of mud and i'm getting all angsty, lol. i guess God gave me 4 boys for that reason! ha!

  5. Wow! Looks like ya'll had a blast. I've always felt mud is one of the best "toys" for children.

    Your kiddos are so big Meagan. I just can't believe it. We're expecting number 4 in November.

    Sorry to hear about your sister moving. That has to have been quite emotional. Sisters are very important. I'm so glad my girls have each other.

    Happy late B Day to you and Will!

  6. Holy-moly sister, this is crazy amazing. Can't even imagine anything better, and how adorable is Will!? So happy for him. :) Once again 10 points for being MOST AMAZING MAMA EVER!

  7. Yes! It absolutely makes you feel like all is well with the world! Way to embrace mud and all that is little boy!

  8. LOVE this! Hope you had a very happy birthday too.