Sunday, October 24, 2010

sock monkey hat

This will probably be the first of many monkey hat pictures in the next few months because seriously, this hat (and this boy) are completely irresistible. :)
Ben got it for his birthday from Nana. She and i picked it out on Etsy from Little Darlynn'd Crochet Desgings. The quality is absolutely wonderful and the gal made it specifically for him and sent it out within a week from ordering. Etsy is the best thing ever.

Isn't it just so, so cute? I kinda want one too. This same gal also makes ADORABLE owl hats. super cute. Go check her out.

And....its supposed to snow on wednesday. So even though the thought of winter makes me want to immediately pack up and migrate to california, this hat is helping me to cope with the inevitable.  :)