about us

"Andy" and i married young nearly 6...or is it 7??...years ago. We now have 4 lovely  children raging from a wee baby boy to an almost 6 year old big brother with 2 feisty yet adorable twin girls squished in between. Andy is super handy, he knows a lot about a lot of things and what he doesn't know he always has a pretty good hunch. Plus he's a really fantastic dad, a wonderful husband who makes me laugh, helps me figure out curtain dimensions and other nerdy calculations, is handy with paintbrushes, spray paint cans, air staplers, glue guns, levels, hammers, AND who thinks its great that i like to create- which is why this blog is titled after us both. We're a team and i love him.

I have never really sewed much before this last year. I was given a really lovely sewing machine right before our first son was born by a very generous friend. She also gave a little group of us a few quilting lessons which were intriguing but all the precision involved didn't mesh so well with my brain- added to that, the fact that i quickly had 3 kids within 2 1/2 years kind of sent my machine and craftiness in general into hiding.  It wasn't until i got the idea to make simple little dolls for my girls' 2nd Birthday that i got out my machine again. And this was after i had sewn one entire doll by hand thinking that it would be much easier and quicker than reading the manual in order to re-learn how to thread it! ha! In the end, my sore fingers and wrists knocked some sense into me and i decided to give my machine another try. i was amazed with the quick results and thus began a new relationship. i learned it didn't matter if i had to re-read the manual five times in a row just to thread a bobbin and i also learned that i didn't have to know much about sewing techniques or pattern-reading to sew. i LOVE that nothing has to be perfect.  and i LOVE that it helps motivate me to get the bathrooms cleaned and the laundry done so that after the kids go to bed i can escape to my little disaster of a sewing room and create!

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