Friday, November 30, 2012

Indie Arts Winter Market this Saturday!

hey friends! just thought i'd let you know that tomorrow (saturday december 1st!)
is the annual craft show right here in our own little town.
if you live around these parts, you should come check it out! there's always a great vibe and lots of indie art and handmade goodness.
 handy andy and i will have a booth again this year. we have a lot of new items in addition to the tooth fairy pillows! (pocket is on the back)
 more bunting and chalkboards!
 and the best of all, our new item this year is the giant ruler growth chart. these were hand screen-printed by the one and only handyandy and look quite fabulous if i do say so. ;)
our kids are shipped off to grandparent's house for the night so we can finish up last minute details.
looking forward to a fun fun day tomorrow with this guy. :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

we voted on tuesday...

 thankfully the lines weren't too long...especially since sophie was a little sickie poo.
 we got a nice instructional talk from the cute election judge, signed our ballots then we each filed into the voting booth.
 we, of course, took it quite seriously...i even got a glare from one voter for breaching the booth's privacy walls to snap a quick picture...(where's a scrutineer when you need one?!)
 there was a good bit of deliberation within these walls...

then the ballots were placed into the ballot box and stickers were passed out.

i'll spare you from the final election results...but i will say, i think ben made the best choice with his write-in candidate. how could our country go wrong with mr. balloon in the oval office??

**p.s. a great big thank you goes to handy andy for his tireless efforts in making this voting experience a reality for the citizens of schmidtville. he constructed the booth, ballot box and ballots and procured the stickers. our thanks and love go out to you.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

super hero candy night

our little super heroes dressed up yesterday. well, to be more accurate, we actually only had one "official" super hero and that was ben. will was a ninja [super hero on the side] as was his green sidekick, sophie. and madeline was [naturally] a princess super hero.
here are a couple costume conversation snippets from the last week:

will: "if i can't be a ninja then can i just dress up like a kid who goes to school? i could wear what i'm wearing now [motions to his clothes which happened to still be pjs]...wellll, not pajamas, but regular clothes and i could carry around my math book."
madeline upon seeing that i was sewing "sparkly" ribbon onto her cape: "mommy, i love you because you are nice. and i love you because sometimes you buy sparkly things for me." 
{i will be sharing this little tip to her husband-to-be one day}
sophie: "am i scary in this mask? did i scare you??" 

anyway, we had a great time trick or treating with a group of friends in the neighborhood i grew up in.

true story: we pulled up to our friends house where everyone was meeting and realized that
1. i (the lizard blood girl) was wearing a short sleeved shirt and didn't grab a jacket
2. i also didn't grab jackets for the other short-sleeved members of our family
3. madeline was barefoot.
now, if i was a type A person we would have had to drive back home...well, never mind, those people would have never forgotten these things...but either way, if we at least had a clean car we would have been out of luck. BUT we didn't have a clean car. we instead had one stock full of necessities. i found a jacket for me, will and sophie, a long-sleeve shirt for madeline AND a pair of shoes! moral of story for me: don't ever clean out your car

and this is what really topped it off for the evening. as we began trick or treating i realized that even though madeline forgot SHOES, she did remember to grab a stick of celery for the road. we love every bit of this "sparkly", spacey princess girl.
ben loved every minute of his cape, mask and legging-wearing night. loved. it.
(and loved the candy even more)
sophie loved it too. cutest green ninja/super hero ever.
then we had soup and pizza and it was loads of crazy fun.

will bemoaned on our way home, "it really is sad that halloween only comes once a year. getting candy is so much fun."