Thursday, March 21, 2013

ballerina/pirate birthday party

these two turned 5 this month. each year that passes i am more in awe and (by God's grace!) more in touch with how vastly unique and precious these girls are. so proud and so blessed to be there momma. 
this year they had their first friend party...i wasn't sure how it would mesh since the requested themes were ballerina and pirate...but it ended up working out great. i'm learning that embracing their unique differences is much easier than stressing about them. and we all had a super time. so much fun. they kept saying in the days leading up to their party, "our friends get to say, 'i'm going to a ballerina party and if i get bored of that i'll go to a pirate party!' " :)
these were the invites- ballerina on one side, pirate sewed onto the other. :) 
side note: i finally made the girls their own dolls even though i was pretty sure sophie's would live her life on the shelf... but to my surprise they both LOVED them- sophie probably even more than madeline. mini- sophie goes nearly everywhere with her and is always tucked in bed with her at night. and madeline thinks its pretty great that her dollie has pink hair since she always draws herself with pink or purple hair. so sweet and such a gift to me that they are treasured. :)

2-tone pretty pink four layer cake inspired by my sissy for the lovely and oh-so-sweet ballerina

my beautiful pirate and her ship cake. 
all credit for the cake goes completely to handyandy...without whom there would certainly not have been a bow spirit(??) and rudder among many other things. this cake was her favorite part of the party. for good reason. :)

"dress the ballerina" game:

pirate treasure hunt:

very blessed with festive friends :)

Happy 5th Birthday sweet girls!