Thursday, May 24, 2012

Carol Marie born on May 23

oMy fabulous mother in law had a birthday this week, and i had the privilege of hosting her party.
 I had big dreams for an outdoor dinner, but our crazy CO weather had other dreams. About an hour and half before dinner, i gave in and brought everything inside, just before it poured and kept pouring!
the decor was simple: my fantastic globes from Target clearance a couple summers ago, vintage sheet table cloth (thank you, Sister) Blue ball jars with Irises (than you Sister).
The kids and i planted these little wheat grass plants [below] a week ago. Can you guess where we got the colorful little "pots"??  Spray paint lids!! I knew i would find a purpose for them! ;)
 For the menu we had what were my favorite tacos...i posted the recipe here. I think they might still be my favorite...but they certainly didn't turn out for the party. I'm hoping it has to do with me tripling the recipe or something because they were pretty dry and a little on the tasteless side... and my side rice turned into MUSH...but oh well. These drinks made up for it...until we had cake, that is.
 Non-Alcoholic Mojitos (thank you Sister for use of your jars, oh! and also for the use of a couple of your plates...and a glass platter...AND the mint from your backyard...yep, i think that's all i took from your house) 
**Oh man, i'm going to be a goner when she moves next month. I've been trying to deal with the emotional reality of what life will be like without her 2 houses away but i'm not sure i've thought enough about my dependency on her physical belongings as well! yikes. i might have to grow up and buy my own plates....hmmm
ok, back to the party. So, unlike myself, whatever my brother in law touches turns to gold.  
Case in point this absolutely AMAZING chocolate orange cake he created himself. Complete with chocolate orange mouse and handmade crystalized orange peel. It was the best cake ever.

When i was describing my flopped tacos to my sister, she encouragingly pointed out what a blessing it was that they flopped since consequently the guests probably had ample room for a big piece of this decadent cake. thanks sister. good word. ;)
Here's the birthday girl with her wonderful kids.
 I was so pleased how everyone coordinated with the party color scheme.
Happy Birthday Carol Marie. SO glad you were born! We all love you so much! :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

just a little design sponge

While waiting to go to church, Will spied the Design Sponge at Home book from the library. He cozied up on a chair with Sophie and spent a good deal of time absorbing some design inspiration.
 Sophie was just happy to be in a chair with Will, regardless of the book choice.

"hmmm? what? just a little design perusing, that's all."
These were two of his favorite pages. He totally loved the sliding barn doors (so do i!) and thought maybe we should have this picture of the "wasp" (bee) in our club house since they keep building nests inside. :)
Get your own book here and you can absorb some awesome design inspiration as well. :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May Day...nearly a couple weeks late

Happily for us we finally remembered May Day this year! HandyAndy and i both have great memories of making baskets, driving around town to our friends' houses and delivering them all ninja-like.
He started the morning out right by delivering his own handmade may day boxes to our doorstep.
Check out his origami handiwork. pretty fancy, right?  Then, since i hadn't even considered May Day baskets for the kids until Andy thought of it late the night before, we popped some popcorn and put in a couple little maple candies he had brought home from Canada and called it good.

Then we went to work rounding up little baskets and pails around our house in addition to making these silly little decorated plastic cup baskets.  
We filled them with some mini carrot muffins (because again, there was no planning ahead here!)
And loaded everyone up in the car.
 The kids picked just a couple of their little friends and had a BLAST running up to the door, ringing the bell and then dashing back in the car.
After we drove just out of sight they loved to stop to see if anyone had tried to follow. :)
This is just the best holiday for kids- its all about giving, thoughtfulness, surprising others and not expecting anything in return. So fun! We need to have "May Day" every month!
At least mark in on your calendars for next year. You'll have a blast. :)