Monday, March 19, 2012

A doggie and bunny party

What?! i'm actually blogging?! Well, the little girlies turned 4 this month and we finally had a party this weekend. 
Earlier in the month we discussed themes and preferences etc. Here's a snippet of our conversation:
Me: "So, girls, you are going to have a birthday party. lets talk about what it should be."
Madeline:"i yike bunnies and pincessess! i want a bunny party! i want a pincess party! i yove pink and red!"
Sophie:"i DON'T yike pincesses. i yike doggies and pirates.  I want a ninja party... my favorite color is brown and green and black. I reawwwy yike pirates. my doggie is a pirate and so am i." 
Sophie: "I also want a star wars party"
Me: "you don't know what Star Wars is sweetie."
In the end, i found the banner color inspiration from Martha that i LOVED and pinned and decided the easiest tie-in would be their favorite animals. Thankfully, they are just 4 so in the end they probably would have been thrilled with any kind of party!

They loved the little details. One of the sweetest moments came the day before when i had just finished drawing on a pirate patch to Sophie's dog shirt. When i showed S. she exclaimed, " is that a PIRATE doggie?! Do i get to wear THAT for the party?! Mom, i knew you could make the best pirate doggie shirt i have to wear a skirt with it???"

Anyway, we went with a brunch theme...mostly because kids are happiest in the morning aaaand its the only time that we get lots of natural light in our house. :)

****yes, that cute server at the end of the table is Handy Andy. He was baker extrordinaire for the party. Whipped up scones and egg cups and looked super cool while he did it.

 "princess bunny" and "pirate doggie" cakes        
Lots of fun and sweetness... and boy are we glad to see the drama-filled 3's go. Hoping for a much calmer and more rational 4th year. :) Happy Birthday Madeline and Sophia. We "yove" you "yots".

Thursday, March 1, 2012

sophie had a dream

my sophie had a dream the other day. as in an "i have a dream" kind of dream. and that was to be "Will". now... everyday she tries and tries and tries to "be like Will" (her big brother) but sadly, she usually ends up frustrated and disappointed. however, earlier this week her dream got a little more tangible.
 she discovered this book about a little boy named "Will", of course. And he was amazing, of course. then we got to the page above of "Will" flying  over tall buildings. she immediately put the book down and got right to work. her dream was in sight.
she made an awesome replication of the "tall buildings" then searched the house for a comparable pick-up truck and blue car.
and then she realized "will" had a cape in the picture... she nearly despaired...thankfully she had a quick "Aha!" moment when she remembered her superhero doggie costume from halloween. 
major disappointment averted... all ready!
oops... a couple of false starts...
flying over tall buildings takes a lot of mental focus for even a superhero
then daddy just happened to come home from a trip just in time to give a much-needed pep talk and some readjustment.

And with renewed confidence...the superhero was off!
 those tall buildings were nothing for this girl.
pluck n: 1. The trait of showing spirited courage and determination
sophie, my dear, you certainly have pluck and i'm so proud of your spirited personality and for not giving up on your dreams...but now do please try to let go of the dream of turning 6 years old instead of 4 next week. you're growing up fast enough as it is. love from your mommy.