Saturday, November 5, 2011

harvest...halloween.. DRESS-UP day

I could definitely do without all of the scary and ick on this holiday, but the fun of letting these little people dress up and run around makes for a pretty great night.
I think big family/group themed costumes would be awesome, but as the kids are getting older, they have opinions. This year, their opinions fell in the "ninja", "bunny princess" and "doggie superhero" categories. :)
Will put his costume together all on his own...even down to where he wanted his face paint.

Sophie knew from the beginning she wanted to be a doggie. But then about an hour before our party she began to get "super hero" dreams in her head. Thanks to my hot glue gun and lots of old t-shirts, i quickly made a super hero cape with an "S" on the back. She was delighted.

Madelines' two favorite things in life these days are bunnies and princesses. The combination of the two was obvious.

Here we are visiting our best neighbor, Charlene.
Ben was, of course, a sock monkey. And he played the part perfectly: cuddly, squishy and adorable.
Handy Andy out did everyone and threw his clown costume together in "LITRALLY" (parks and rec, anyone??) 15 minutes AND provided tons of entertainment with his unicycling and juggling...seriously, his talents are endless...
We went "treating" with a big group of friends around one of the loveliest, old neighborhoods in our city.

Look at all those beautiful princesses....and doggie ;)
It was a super lovely night. The kids scored some awesome candy which Handy Andy and i thoroughly enjoyed sorting and gleaning from that night.


Everyday Lovely said...

Oh my goodness, you all are so adorable and your commentary LITERALLY cracked me up, Sister. ;)

Auntie Jennifer said...

y'all are just too funny!
Miss you!

lauren said...

cuuute. ridiculously cute. the costumes, the bow ties. that little one year old party.your kids. all cute. :)

Gaspord Adventures said...

This made us both laugh and laugh again! So, SO funny! And I love your creativity with the costumes - wow! BTW - Andrew - your clown outfit is awesome!
Love you all!

Dani said...

Love the pictures Meagan! It is so fun to spend time together with our families. Thank you for welcoming us back to Greeley so well.