Thursday, December 13, 2012

family pictures. check.

 my sweet, talented sissy took our family pictures last year. she found cool old buildings and chippy painted doors and took a lot of wonderful shots. but now she's in iowa...which meant we were on our own this year. :(
so on a whim,  we went back to the sites from last year and thanks to our tripod and nana's entertainment behind the camera, we got some pictures.

 after just a couple pics, this huge train came steaming and blowing by and stole everyone's attention. and gave ben the FRIGHT of his LIFE!
he trembled uncontrollably for at least 10 min. and kept covering his ears and murmuring "choo choo, choo choo, bye bye...choo choo...bye bye." it was pathetic, poor boy. but i did get a lot of snuggles...

this one below is last years version....oh ben! be still my heart, i love you so much.

2 of my 3 favorite guys...awww, that chubby little hand!

then we went over to this cool green wall...also one of sister's finds from last year

and one in the street.
and here's last year on the same street. little people are getting taller..,

and then we ran out of posed smiles and nice light so decided to let the crazy came out.
or rather it would seem, the parents needed to let their crazy out. :)

 will was definitely keeping his crazy contained...
ta-da! ;)

the end.

thanksgiving..better late than never

i just can't post christmasy pictures until i get this important holiday documented. so here it is. thanksgiving was lovely and full of family and fabulous food.

my lovely mama and the beautiful spread
sickie benny...cute as ever.

and then the day after, as per tradition, we cut down our tree. now on to christmas!