Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Hair Clips part 2

Here's the 2nd Clip in this little series: "Felty Flowers"

Materials Needed: assortment of colored felt, beads, embroidery floss, hot glue, metal hair clip

1. Cut out several different sized circles, then cut out lots of petals (the bigger the better, in my opinion)
2. Layer the flowers then sew through the bead to secure all the layers
OR just Hot glue each layer together and glue on a button/bead on top
3. Sew on the metal clip
4. Put a dab of hot glue under the clip where you have just sewn
5. Put a dab of hot glue on the the other tip of the hair clip to secure to the flower

Once again, clip onto a little girl or onto your own hair and enjoy and if you'd like one of these clips, i'd be happy to send one to you, just  let me know! :)


Virginia Lee said...

The red one looks like a mum. Very pretty.

Cailan said...

These step-by-step pictures look so supergreat, Sister! I love those flowers - mustard one, please. :)

Marilyn said...

So SUPER CUTE!! Awesome Idea :)) TY for sharing.. Following you per TrendyTreeHouse Wed Blog hop.. Hope you can stop by and visit sometime.. I'm Marilyn next door from http://theartsygirlconnection.blogspot.com ... :))

Judy @ In His Grip said...

These are so cute and thanks for the how to.

Anonymous said...

Love the bright colors - how about larger (fewer layers) with fabrics (reversible) for coasters... or maybe use refrigerator magnets on small ones, instead of clips. - HHW

Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

THANKS for your sweet comment on our blog :) We appreciate it! Love these!! Have a whole felt line coming up in our shoppe! These are so trendy! Love your versions!


Robert and Courtney said...

Have you thought of going on the Martha Stewart Show? You could do several segments with all your crafty ideas.

Mommy Minded said...

My daughter is going to be so excited that I found this post! I am following alog now!

I just got your comment on my blog and I got my Chia seeds from my local health food store. It is independent... If you happen to go to another store to look for them, try looking in the coolers if they have them. I have one store that keeps them cold and one that keeps them on the shelf!

I cant wait to see what you come up with next!

Have a GREAT day!


Timon berg said...

No wonder why you get so many feedbacks
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