Friday, May 27, 2011

too much? (a picture card idea)

Ok, so i seriously hesitated posting these in fear you all might think i purposely try to make my children cry just to get a good picture. Well, i don't and i really wouldn't let them suffer (for too long) no matter how cute. ;) That said, here are a few pictures i took this week for a birthday card for my mother in law. While i was editing i couldn't help laughing, but then the little munchkin looked so pathetic it almost made me cry too. :) 
Well, anyway, it made for a memorable card!

Oh, but one more thing, for the record, Ben really, truly is still the best, happiest, sweetest little baby the world has ever seen. I just happened to document his 2.5 sad minutes of the day. for the record. ;)
Alright already, that's my last apology. enjoy! ;)

 hey! maybe life isn't so bad?!
 look! that's almost a smile! Ben might be pulling it together...

 sweet big brother gives a little notice to the sad munchkin
 look at that lip!
 come on, buddy! life isn't so bad!

awwww, all done. hugs and kisses comin' your way Baby Ben!


the TX aunties said...

were it not for Ben's pitiful little face, these would be some great pictures! But they're still great anyway. :) Can we just snatch them up and hug them?!!! We love how you matched up all their outfits - too cute, Meagan!

Virginia Lee said...

I do not think your son enjoys these photography moments. =)

Can't wait to see you all Tuesday!

Cailan said...

Cutest little baby! That face is just exquisite. And I love that he's the one holding the happy balloon. :) I just want to squeeze him and give him a big ol' kiss!

Robert and Courtney said...

This is adorable and hilarious. I just need to have a few more babies so I can make a complete sentence too!

Amber P said...

This made me smile! So cute!

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