Tuesday, May 10, 2011

happy packages

There were two baby showers this weekend for two very dear friends. Since i was in the gift creating and packaging mode i thought i'd share what i came up with. i know letter cut-outs are anything but an original idea but with so much Silhoutte and cricut talk out there i kinda dismissed the good ol' fashion scissor route. (NOT that i wouldn't love one of those machines, but ya know...)  Each only took a few minutes to cut out and made for some happy little packages.

1) Here's the first one for a very sweet little 2 year old who is about to get her best present ever- a BABY SISTER!

Inside was my little "maddie" doll. She got a bit of new do with red bows and a fun pom-pom skirt to change into. :)

2) Next up was a gift for my sweet sister in law. 
You can see a couple pics of her shower here: http://everyday-lovely.blogspot.com/2011/05/sweet-anticipation-baby-shower.html . She is keeping the gender a surprise so i cut out a simple "baby" to decorate the front.
And inside was my newest and happiest little creation- Miss (or MR.) Monkey. Since the hair bow can be tied around Monkey's neck for a spiffy little bow tie, it can quickly accommodate a boy or girl!

I'm hoping to add a Monkey to my shop soon and maybe some other animals too. For now, if you'd like to take a look at a few dollies for sale. click HERE. As always, custom orders are quite welcome! :)

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Unknown said...

That monkey is so darn cute I might have to get one for myslef. You're amazing Meagan!

Unknown said...

Beautiful dolls and beautiful packaging! The monkey is super adorable!

Cailan said...

That monkey is so cute - love him much-much. And I can't believe you wrote-n-cut out those label names! Pretty sure these are the best presents ever. :)

thechattymommy said...

I love these and I love polka-dots!!!
Visiting from wilw- http://www.thechattymommy.com

Allison said...

Those dolls are so sweet! I too love to make dolls and give them as gifts.

Katie said...

Such lovely gifts! Love the yellow tights on the doll :). So fun.