Monday, May 16, 2011

fun to stay at the YMCA....

We had a super great time spending the weekend in a beautiful YMCA cabin with all of handy andy's family. It was great to get away and very sad to come home. Why is it that kids can go 2 1/2 days without a single fit and then decide they need to COMPLETELY.FALL. APART. as soon as we start driving home?! huh?  
We did a lot of looking in binoculars. My favorite sighting was when Will looked in his binos for the first time and said, "LOOK! i see a mountain! right over there!" Good eyes, buddy.

We also took our very first hike with the whole family. Ben did great. Bless you, Moby Wrap.

But mostly, we just hung out, ate, played, and laughed. Good times. So thankful for family.
(Please take note of Madeline's [front left] and Handy Andy's expression. do ya think they might be related?? hmmm...)


April said...

We love going up. THe girls and I have gone twice and done a weekend retreat for scrap booking!

BTW, I loved my Moby Wrap too..

Jennifer and Jaimee said...

Looks like you had a BLAST! What a fun time :) We stayed at a YMCA cabin in Estes Park many years ago, so this brings back memories!
We miss you all so much!
P.S. if Will comes here, he can look at the hills and deer with his binocs. :)