Friday, January 13, 2012

DIY: Baby Bib

For my adorable little baby nephew i actually made something that i pinned on Pinterest!! (shocking....i know).  So, this adorable baby bib idea and pattern comes from Craftiness is not Optional.
She calls it a Bapron, and its awesome. At least i'm pretty sure its awesome. I've been meaning to make one and try it out on baby ben who has been subjected to pink hand-me-down bibs from his sisters. poor boy. 
 Anyway, i love how it has arm holes so it completely wraps around and protects the baby's sides from spills. Plus it's reversible.
 Also it was super easy. Like maaaaybe 20 min. per bib. And as much as i usually rebel against anything that requires me to measure and follow directions, it was absolutely refreshing to have an {EASY} pattern, follow it and have it turn out the first time without a hitch. You don't have to have any super sewing powers to pull this off.
 All of these fabrics came from JoAnn's in case you're wondering. The solid green and the green frogs are flannel.
 Oh and they should fit both babies and toddlers because the arm holes are big enough and you can kind of cinch it up in the back. So cool.
Anyway, download the FREE pattern and make some today.  Oh and there's lots of pictures of the bapron on a real baby on her site if you're needing more of a visual. Plus she has some cute color combos there too.


Jennifer Mauricio said...

these are really cute! you did an awesome job on them Meagan!!

Cailan said...

These are so stinkin' cute - now, make some for that poor Baby Ben quick!

jennifer blair said...

These are super cute girl!

Jenny Hollingsworth said...

Fantastic!! Any chance you'll be selling these lovely bibs in your shop?? I'd love to buy some!!

Randi said...

i love it! i need to make these asap :)

Mindi said...

I'm trying to find this pattern but her site is you still have the pattern? Could you email it to me?! Super cute.

Unknown said...

Do you have the pattern I can't get it from the website 😭

Lolly said...

Do you still have this pattern? I can't seem to download it. I have a new granddaddy on her way and would love to make some of these.
Thank you!!

Lolly said...

Oh...Lolly's email