Friday, January 6, 2012

new dollie in shop

Hey friends, i'm still here! Just trying to get back on my feet after the holidays and a little overwhelmed with school-planning, child-raising, know how it is i'm sure. 
 Anyway, i've had a couple dollie requests recently and realized i never listed this little lady. So, let me introduce you to Greta. She has reddish hair, green eyes and a cute little half smile.
 If you're interested in bringing her home check out my SHOP
Hope to be back here soon! Blessings on all your "to-do's" today. :)


Audra and Roger said...

She's precious! Do I remember seeing a giraffe-ish doll on your blog once upon a time? I don't see it in your shop but if one exists I would be very interested in buying it:)

Jaimee said...

She's so cute! You come up with the sweetest names too!

Audra and Roger said...

It might have been a monkey instead of a giraffe???

Cailan said...

I love Greta. : )

Jennifer Lavin said...

aww! very sweet!! :-)

Gaspord Adventures said...

What great colors, you picked. Love it!