Wednesday, January 11, 2012

after this we move onto the new year pt.2

Well, here's the last of Christmas. 

We usually have about 5 separate celebrations due to our American-style split up family and lots of schedules to mesh but this year as i was gearing up for the intense week of get-togethers i tried to see it from my kids perspective: FIVE opportunities to be around their favorite people, eat yummy food, open presents, stay up late, have constant play-mates etc.
It's a never-ending PARTY!
They have no concept of the time, effort, sleepless nights, and organization necessary to pull it all off. They are just simply delighting in everything.
Being a kid is awesome.

And really, we have it pretty good too. All of our different families are wonderful. They love us, love our kids and love all the crazy we bring. We too got to eat yummy food (that i didn't have to cook!), opened fun presents, and got to spend lots of great time with people we love.

Proof of a great time was the lack of pictures i took. I think i personally took about 3. Handy Andy thankfully filled in, but i still missed a lot of photos that i now wish i had.... bummer.
My lovely sister in law Joelle and her adorable new baby.
Ben and his new rocking chair with his old but extremely cherished blankie

Legos and boys. I love this stage.
my sweet nephew Elias giving me a wonderful lingering hug after he opened my gift to him. :)
the dress-up clothes from Nana were a hit.
My nephew Gideon was absolutely delighted with the anthropology ovenmit that was inadvertently dropped in his knight costume gift bag. He kept announcing, "I am a knight! and this is my mitten!" LOVE him!
Well, that's a wrap. It took a couple days to detox from all the fun and excitement, but we're back to normal now and more than ready to move on with the new year! 
Although...i do have a couple Cmas gifts i want to share with you...But if you're like me and have 4 family birthdays in January. You might need some ideas. :)


Unknown said...

I love that you are still doing Christmas... and 5 celebrations! How fin is that?!

ElleSee said...

Haha! "I am a knight, and this is my mitten!" Love it :)

Gaspord Adventures said...

Oh these pictures are cute, cute, CUTE! I love the "morning wake-up" pose in front of the stockings. :)

Jaimee and Jennifer said...

love, LoVe all the family Christmas pics! those costumes are perfect ~ what a great idea! Such sweet children you girls have... just love y'all!

Leslie said...

What a fun Christmas! Your children are adorable! We don't have any children yet, but i am so excited for the time when are Christmas looks a lot like yours :)

I wanted to stop by and say thanks, too, for leaving such a sweet and encouraging comment on my blog today. I was very close to turning comments off for that particular post (I don't usually write such blunt or opinionated blogs), but Josh encouraged me to leave it open and I certainly am glad that I did!

So seriously, thank you for taking the time to comment! It's really nice to bloggy 'meet' you!