Wednesday, January 18, 2012

hAndy Birthday part 2

After our Birthday Breakfast Bash, we lovingly deposited our sweet kiddos at their grandparents house and then enjoyed a whole 24 hours of freedom and fun. 
It's amazing how having kids in our lives have helped us to appreciate the little things so much more. In fact, we kind of love not having to do much of anything.  Simply driving in the car without questions and whining in the back, taking a walk around a big lovely park without visiting the playground, getting coffee, browsing around downtown, eating at a grown-up restaurant without having highchairs, kid menus, sippy cups and cheerios everywhere, and eating dessert as slowly as we wanted to were all quite, quite lovely.
(disclaimer: we really do love our children to pieces, even missed them a bit and were more than happy to bring 'em back on board the next day. just in case you were concerned) ;)

We could act like kids (my face actually kinda freaks me out here) and made sure we really lived it up. As we were going upstairs to our bedroom in our empty house that night we forced ourselves to shout and stomp all the way up. it was actually kinda nerve-wracking.
And we even got to act like adults too. We're such dreamers...
Anyway, i'm super, super thankful for my Andrew. He's the best ever, i love him and couldn't imagine anyone more perfect for me. Happy Birthday cutie pie. 

Oh, and in case you're wondering, i happened to have married a boy wonder. He wasn't just plinking away on this piano in downtown ft.collins. No, no, he oozes with talent, puts me (the piano lesson drop-out) utterly to shame, and played all kinds of fancy schmancy piano stuff. Probably some russian sonata? or concerto?... i have no idea what those words mean. But isn't he cute?! 
ANYWAY, all that to say, he's great. I love him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 
the end. :)


Cailan said...

Best. post. ever. Is it even possible you guys could be more adorable??? come on, try a little harder. ;)

Jennifer Mauricio said...

y'all are so cute! especially like the "dreamer" pic. what sweet times. grateful to know you guys!
p.s. I agree with Cailan's comment :-)

Unknown said...

haha cute faces! you look so happy together :)

xo Shane

Unknown said...

awwww. love this :) just found your blog recently and i agree. y'all are too darn cute!

Gaspord Adventures said...

This post is awesome - so glad you had a fun time! I love reading your blog as it is always fun, humorous and SO down-to-earth. I am a BIG fan!! :)