Friday, January 27, 2012

3 little dollies for 3 little cuties

Say hello to 3 of my favorite little people- my adorable niece and my charming little nephews
For Christmas i wanted to make them something special. So i created a "mini-me" doll for each of them.
This was my first time making boy dolls...i have to say, their little red strip underpants are my favorite part. ;)

Light brown hair, silvery blue eyes and blue overalls for Elias. 
Brown hair, brown eyes and green overalls for Gideon.

And a little blonde hair, blue eyed dollie for sweet Calliope. And a dress, of course, because Calliope is always a lady. ;)

Now, i had a hunch that the little kiddos would probably be fascinated by the novelty of the dolls for a bit but i was determined to "wow" them and i knew the way to their heart was through Angry Birds. Much to Sister's dismay, the 3 have grown quite attached to these new pop culture icons. :) It's really pretty funny.
So, at the last minute i decided the dollies needed some birds too.
I happened to already have these little craft puffs. ( i'm so culturally illiterate, the only colors i thought angry birds came in were red and green! haha). Then i cut out little pieces of felt, drew on them with sharpies and hot-glued them onto the puff. Then i sewed a tiny piece of velcro to the dolls hand and one to the back of the birds so the dolls could "hold" them. :)

It's hard to always know what is going to get kids excited...i know there have been several times we have planned activities or gifts that we thought our kids would love and instead they fell flat...other times we have been shocked at the excitement over the teeniest little things....anyway, its always a gamble.

However, after they had opened the dolls, they each opened their little package of mini angry birds and they were ECSTATIC.  So excited and happy. i got all kinds of hugs and sweetness. i'm pretty sure i could have scratched the dolls all together and they would have been completely thrilled by those little birds that took less than 20 min. to make! Cutest, silliest little kids ever. :) LOVE them.


Gaspord Adventures said...

LOL!! What a great gift and what a great story! :) Who would have guessed that the Angry Birds would win their little hearts!

Jennifer Mauricio said...

Meagan, you are amazing! what cute gifts!!

Cailan said...

You are the best Aunt Meg ever. And I for one will treasure these dollies forever (Nevermind the birds ;)

Blogger said...

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