Thursday, February 2, 2012

notes of love for a month (a valentine's activity)

Hi there! well, i'm obviously in one of my periodic "i'm overwhelmed so i neglect the blog phase"  but i wanted to share a simple idea and i mean seriously simple, not like the millions and millions of "simple" ideas on pinterest that make me inspired one minute and completely overwhelmed the next. 

i got this inspiration somewhere..just can't remember from who...anyway, i found these little mailboxes (which the kids LOVE) at target in the $1 section and the idea is to simply leave notes of love and encouragement to your kids in the boxes each day and then to save those notes in a book and add to them each february. isn't that sweet and simple?
And it fits perfectly with Ann's "10 points of joyful parenting" list i've been digesting recently.       Here is #5

"Today, i will pray to speak words that are only STRONG words, words that make these children feel strong. Grace words. Grace is the only non-toxic air. All other words i breathe are death words." - Ann Voskamp

it sadly surprised me how when hAndy and i sat down to write notes the first night i had somewhat of a difficult time coming up with "strong/grace-filled" words for the kids. I could easily think of 10 things that drove me crazy about them. 
i want to speak LIFE and GRACE to them instead. i don't want them to remember me as a growling, nagging, grumpy, impatient mommy. yikes! this is such a good reminder!
 knowing now that i have a note to write in the evening for the next day's "mail" has helped my perspective so much...i am more actively seeking out and focusing on the good and sweet throughout the day.

also, i had planned to put some candy or little presents along with the note each day but then i thought maybe i shouldn't set up an expectation too early so i skipped it the first day to see their reaction to just a little note. They were delighted. it's been 3 days of just notes and they are still excited every morning. i think this is also a good lesson to learn about how important and meaningful these grace words can be. they really don't need any sugar coating. 
now i do still have the candy and a few little trinkets but i think i'll wait to put those in for another week or so...just so they can really soak up the words first.
oh ben! seriously, you are the cutest little person i've ever seen. just had to say that. even though you have been keeping me up throughout the night for last several days....
anyway, i hope you're inspired to try this out in your home. and its not too late! you could even just leave notes the week of valentine's day. we could do it for our husbands too! (are you reading this andrew??) 
Either way, i'm challenging myself to start and continue speaking strong, grace-filled, life-giving words everyday.


Unknown said...

what a GREAT idea! i even have those exact clue where they are, but i DO have them :) thanks for the simple fun idea...and not the fake kind of simple ;)

Cailan said...

Thanks for inspiring me, as always. What could be more lovely than this?
(And yes, Baby Ben is the cutest ever - love the pictures of all the kiddos)

Gaspord Adventures said...

So, SO sweet! I really love this idea - words are SO powerful. What a wonderful way to speak "grace" over them everyday.

Jennifer Mauricio said...

seeing the kids makes me miss you all and smile... and reading your great idea about the notes makes me smile even more :-) What a sweet and wonderful idea, Meagan!

jennifer blair said...

Oh my goodness! Those are TOO CUTE! I love that idea!

David and Natalie Mash said...

Thank you Meagan! What a great idea and such a wonderful reminder. Your kids are so blessed to have you!

Unknown said...

Love it! What a great way to be intentional about using grace-filled life-giving words. I can imagine that it is a challenge but I admire you for setting the goal to do it for a whole month - the week of Valentine's day might be my goal this year.

Jessie said...

Today was a day that started off with awful whining and fighting. I feel like all I've done is snap at them while putting out little fires. Thank you for the reminder to breath the fresh air of joy! (Blech also finding a balance between real life, what's in my head and feeling guilty that it's not the same).