Saturday, February 25, 2012

pinterest skirt

hi there, thought i'd share a simple project i completed this week. i'm mostly proud of it because i got the inspiration on pinterest and then actually did it. i feel like its important to document these kinds of occurrences to convince myself that pinterest really is helpful and not just a time-wasting dream world! ha.ha.
anywhoo, here's my version of this cute little skirt, made especially for a sweet little friend in Virginia.

 And here was the inspiration. i just loved the letter color combination on a simple brown skirt made from an old knit t-shirt. Here's the link to the original:

And for a little are the girls fetching mail several days ago. 
madeline's faces and toe positions just make me laugh. sophie would never dream of pointing her little toe like that.

these girls couldn't be more different from each other but they still love each other...which is wonderful.
funny story that describes the girls' personalities in a weird way:
last night madeline wanted to wiggle will's loose tooth so she put her hand up to his face to try to feel it. will pushed her hand away but as he did he said, "ick! your hand smells! it smells like strawberry shortcake or something!" Then sophie wanted her hand smelled, so she stuck her hand in will's face and asked him what it smelled like. reluctantly he smelled and then said, "i don't know, i guess dirt." both girls were quite satisfied with his pronouncements.


Alicia said...

A.dorable! will have to make one when my life is less carazaaaay!

Jennifer Lavin said...

just too cute!!!!

Cailan said...

How could this skirt be any more adorable? You are amazing, Sister. And love the pictures of the girlies, and the account of the smelling of hands - perfect.

Jessie said...

That skirt is sooooo cute! What a great fun thing some little girl is going to get in the mail.

Dorothy B. said...

Beautiful! I feel special that I know where the skirt went ;)
I really want to make's too cute!

Haha! I love your children! They crack me up and I always have a great time watching them! Thanks for sharing them!

Gaspord Adventures said...

Such a super cute skirt. And a GREAT story too! I love reading your blog for comic relief - your kids say the funniest things!!! :)

Jenny Hollingsworth said...

Love it!! That sweet little girl in Virginia was SO thrilled to receive a present in the mail and even more thrilled that it was an adorable skirt! When her daddy came home, she proudly modeled it and told him who it was from. He was confused and said, "Meagan who?" (we know a Meagan here as well) C replied, "My friend in Colorado!" Love it, Meagan (and O's bib, too). Thank you so much for thinking of her.