Monday, March 19, 2012

A doggie and bunny party

What?! i'm actually blogging?! Well, the little girlies turned 4 this month and we finally had a party this weekend. 
Earlier in the month we discussed themes and preferences etc. Here's a snippet of our conversation:
Me: "So, girls, you are going to have a birthday party. lets talk about what it should be."
Madeline:"i yike bunnies and pincessess! i want a bunny party! i want a pincess party! i yove pink and red!"
Sophie:"i DON'T yike pincesses. i yike doggies and pirates.  I want a ninja party... my favorite color is brown and green and black. I reawwwy yike pirates. my doggie is a pirate and so am i." 
Sophie: "I also want a star wars party"
Me: "you don't know what Star Wars is sweetie."
In the end, i found the banner color inspiration from Martha that i LOVED and pinned and decided the easiest tie-in would be their favorite animals. Thankfully, they are just 4 so in the end they probably would have been thrilled with any kind of party!

They loved the little details. One of the sweetest moments came the day before when i had just finished drawing on a pirate patch to Sophie's dog shirt. When i showed S. she exclaimed, " is that a PIRATE doggie?! Do i get to wear THAT for the party?! Mom, i knew you could make the best pirate doggie shirt i have to wear a skirt with it???"

Anyway, we went with a brunch theme...mostly because kids are happiest in the morning aaaand its the only time that we get lots of natural light in our house. :)

****yes, that cute server at the end of the table is Handy Andy. He was baker extrordinaire for the party. Whipped up scones and egg cups and looked super cool while he did it.

 "princess bunny" and "pirate doggie" cakes        
Lots of fun and sweetness... and boy are we glad to see the drama-filled 3's go. Hoping for a much calmer and more rational 4th year. :) Happy Birthday Madeline and Sophia. We "yove" you "yots".


Ashley said...

Megs, I knew it would be an extraordinary birthday party! Even down to the smallest, yet most important detail of the doggie pirate patch! :) YOU are amazing! Loved the photos! Let's keep up or frequent phone convos...they are so encouraging to me!

ElleSee said...

I love it! What a fantastic party :)

Katie said...

Love it! Love that you successfully combined a bunny princess and a pirate doggie. You scored big mommy points on this one :). Everything looks great! Well done.

Greta said...

This is seriously the cutest party ever.
Every single detail is knocking my socks off.
What wonderfully fun and sweet memories you just made!
Happy 4!
Love from,

Jessie said...

My youngest just had a party and he was sick! I guess that was okay because my theme was no theme at all. Yours is such an inspiration.

Audra and Roger said...

This post made me cry part because I was laughing so hard at the contrast of pirate dogs and princess bunnies...but ialso because you are such an amazing mom that you made it work! Love the shirts, soooooo cute! And the cakes are adorable! Happy Birthday to your sweet girls.

Simply Domestic said...

What an adorable party! I love the banner. I'm new to your blog! Can't wait to look around!

Gaspord Adventures said...

I agree - to satisfy two very different 4-year old preferences and make it beautiful, creative and fun takes some doing! YOU are amazing! :)

Alicia said...

meg, you are too dang cute! i love that you tied in all their ideas...except maybe the star wars?? :) brunch is a great idea. and i would totally plan my party around natural's a must! my sophie just turned two yesterday. i'll be sharing later this week. cute stuff, girlie!

Anonymous said...

YES! i LOVE is all so adorable! and i LOVE how different your girls are...they are so preciously unique :)...jess

Anonymous said...

very cute!! :) love how it all works girls! "little" guy turned 4 this month and it was almost like night and day...all of a sudden he was telling me i'm beautiful..thanking me for lunch..and telling me he loves me all the's great..haha!...hope you get the calm and rational year!! :) all the best...great blog!!! xo

Lavin Family said...

so sweet to see all the celebrations for your darling girls. the pics are precious, and you made it such a beautiful party (including those awesome cakes!) love to you all!!!

Anonymous said...

what can I say you're incredible.

Emily said...

What a darling party! Love that they asked for the pirate puppy. That cake is too darn cute!

jennifer blair said...

Aw, what a darling party! The cause are so adorable! I love the bunting too!