Tuesday, April 3, 2012

8 YEARS...and counting

wedding day 2004

Well, its that time again, time to bring out the old wedding albums, cringe at what babies we were, how little we really knew each other, how we definitely didn't know what were signing up for and how much uncertainty and even anxiety there were behind those picture-perfect moments on our wedding day.......

Then we happily close up the books, take a deep sigh of relief that, by God's grace, we have MOVED ON! I honestly never expected married life to be this good. I knew Handy Andy was the one for me when i was just barely 19...but honestly, it was a major leap of faith. We had just turned 20 when we were married and didn't know but a bit about who we were as individuals let alone who we were as a couple. But our God is more faithful than i ever really gave him credit for and has created a friendship and a love sweeter than i ever thought was possible (NOT perfect, mind you! but still very sweet). We've now come to happily appreciate that instead of ever having the chance of "falling out" of a young twitter-pated love, we instead got to grow into a true love we never really knew existed.  
So, Happy 8th(right?) Anniversary Cutie Pie ;)

 BABIES!!!! i seriously look 15. See what i mean? Who took us seriously!! :)

1st anniversary 2005...or at least close to it...in reality i was 7 months pregnant on our anniversary and not feeling a bit photogenic.
 2nd Anniversary 2006- went to denver for the weekend with our little baby Will

3rd Anniversary 2007- recreated the picture where Andrew proposed....awwwwwww

 4th Anniversary 2008- just a couple of weeks after our twins were born...feeling the fog of exhaustion but still got a dinner out! yay :)

 one of our favorite pics...taken on our 1st generation flip phone! haha
5th Anniversary 2009 - took a quickie, and i mean a 25 hour quickie trip (that Andrew piloted!) to LA. super, super fun.

6th Anniversary 2010- "the honeymoon we didn't have" in Mexico...turned out a little less than idyllic...think: diarrhea, pregnancy, killer sunburn, smashed toe nail- poor andrew; i was seriously a walking hazard for 5 days. :)

yay. we're finally going home. heehee

7th Anniversary 2011- quick family pic before we took the kids to grandma's house for a get-away
fun fun fun

  2012 - I love you sweetie! Looking forward to another year...and a date night next week when the sickies in our house are well again. ;)


Katie said...

So fun! Congrats! Our stories are a bit similar. I turned 20 two days after our wedding, though Josh is four years older than I am. We'll be eight this year too. I got pregnant 9 months after we got married, and as you know we now have four kids. It's a journey but it's a wonderful one! Congrats to you both, may you have many years ahead together!

Dorothy B. said...

Ugh, I love you guys so stinkin much! You guys are so cute together!!!

Katie Espigh said...

Yep, an adorable couple, that's for sure! Congratulations on 8 years and four super kids! Even though you were young, you grew together and that's the important part, right? Hugs all the way from PA

meg + andy said...

Happy Anniversary Dear Meagan! Wow, we were such babies! However, for the record, I like to think that we've moved forward, not that we've moved on (minor semantics :-). That we had much more fun in Mexico, reading The Road by the poolside (i know, weird book choice?) and copying our tour guide's unenthusiastic "yeah" as our new trademark. And lastly, I have the most fun taking silly tooth brushing photos and going on bike rides with you than anything else - I like living life with you my sweetie, just plain and simple!

Love forever,

Ashley said...

I love this post Megs! So fun to look back at all your photos over the years! Congrats on 8 years! What a wonderful couple you are and sweet, sweet family you are raising! Hope you get out on a date very soon and everyone gets well! Love you!

Jennifer Mauricio said...

Congratulations!!! It is so, so sweet to see all these pictures! God is so faithful :-) May you be blessed with many more wonderful memories and years of wedding bliss together :-)

Moments and Impressions said...

Happy Anniversary!! Loved seeing all the years and changes!

Met my hubby when we were 14 and we just celebrated our 8th! Fun fun!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful testimony...for such a beautiful couple. Happy 8th Anniversary to 2 great people who have created 4 adorable kiddos and 1 amazing love story:) Hope to see you soon!

Unknown said...

too stinkin' sweet. you DO look like babies. i was young when i got married too...it will be TEN years this year!! can't believe that!! happy anniversary, sweet girl :)

Cailan said...

I think you could have labeled this post something alone the lines of "How We Get Even More Adorable Every Year!" Seriously. ;) God has given you such an great testimony - He is so faithful and I rejoice with you both!

Jaimee Lavin said...

I totally agree with Cailan... the pics get more and more cute!!! Love you guys! So glad to know you, and praying for the Lord's hand of blessing to be on you as you continue to happily "move forward" :-)


Gaspord Adventures said...

WOW! Congratulations on 8 years!!! Your pictures show it all - TRUE love gets only better with time! :)

Jessie said...

congrats! Thanks for being such a good example of a loving committed relationship. Seems like people don't fight for each other any more. So bravo!

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