Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Day

We had a lovely day on Sunday.We enjoyed gorgeous Colorado weather and thankfully the kids' fevers broke just in time to enjoy a full day with lots of family and good times celebrating our RISEN SAVIOR
Here's our risen Jesus outside of the tomb of our little resurrection garden. :)
little side note: I can't tell you how excited i was to find a girly shirt in the exact same yellow as the little polo i found for Will. I knew the whole easter "dressing up" notion wouldn't be a bit appealing to our little Sophie but at least i had the "Your shirt gets to match Will's!!!" angle that ended up helping tremendously! ;)
Here's the coo-koo girls.
Baby Ben was ecstatic to participate in the egg hunt and couldn't hardly contain his excitement when he realized there were treats inside them! Double win. 
The was so sweet to be able to enjoy the day with the gaggle of little people.
oh baby ben! you're just the cutest thing ever. and thanks for holding my hand through at least part of the hunt.

Madeline was the only one willing to stop in the middle of the hunt to take a picture with me. 
Nana made her famous Bunny cake. He was greeted quite warmly by all the little peeps.
My wonderful Sister and her super sweet and completely adorable family. 

Oh and in case you were dying to know, we gave up on adding our Easter movie to blogger (thank you for your suggestions heidi...andrew said we're still having "file type compatibility issues" whatever that means! :)  Anyway, we decided to upload it to Vimeo. Click here if you'd like to view it .  

Here's the long awaited video:

Easter Story with Playmobil and Kids

Hope you all had a blessed day. 



Unknown said...

so sweet, meg. and look at cailin rockin' those pigtails on easter! how cute you two are! love that you coordinated your outfits. you look so springy and adorable :)


Jennifer Mauricio said...

love, love, LOVE the pics of you all! It's sweet that Sophie looks up to Will so much :-) Happy Spring to you dear friends!