Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter happenings

I rarely think about preparing for a holiday in advance...they always hit me like a big surprise: "what?! it's the 30th of November and I haven't started an advent calendar?? What?! It's already February? I just barely took down Christmas! What?! Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks and i have a month-long unit study on the pilgrims!" I seriously need to get organized...speaking of which, i felt a huge boost of inspiration today from Alicia. Do you know her?? You should. I've never met her but she makes you feel like you might as well be besties. 
All that to say, Easter, came as a surprise again this year.
 Somehow all but 4 of our "stand-by" Resurrection eggs were missing and i kept seeing great alternatives, like this Resurrection Garden above, get passed around during the month of March and kept thinking, "yes. that would be good. my kids would like those. i should really do these readings, or those fun crafts"

And then wham! it's 2 days before palm sunday and i finally pull up the instructions for the garden and read that the wheat berries should be planted at least by palm sunday. So, i load up my 4 kids, (1 still in their pjs) and head to walmart to find some dirt. The rest was so easy and the kids have loved watering it each day. Today, we read the crucifixion story, made a stick cross, put a playmobile jesus inside the tomb and covered it with a large rock. Anyway, i guess i'm learning that its better to do something than to just quit if i can't get it together to do everything.
This is a picture of the huge, white and terrifying angel getting a little antsy to open the tomb.


I overhead a argument conversation between Will and Sophie a couple of days ago. it went like this:
Will: No, Sophie. Sophie! Jesus did not have a sword!
Sophie: YESSSS! He really wants a sword
Will: No, you need to learn this.
Sophie: AHHHHH!! Will! Jesus WANTS a sword!!
Will: No...i don't trust you.....
Will: fine. here's a sword.
~ quietness ~
Sophie: ching! ching! aHa! Arrr!
Today in the car,  Will out of the blue asked me "So...what exactly do easter eggs have to do with Easter? like, what do they mean??" 
The first answer i thought of was, "they mean that we will get chocolate."
But don't worry, thoughtful questions like this don't happen all the time so i tried to do my best to take advantage of it. ;)

Well...i guess that's all for now. I wish i knew how to upload an imovie onto the blog because Will got it into his head to recreate the Easter story with Playmobile and we all had a fun time acting it out...maybe i'll get my techy Handy Andy to work on that as soon as he gets home from this trip.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Easter week. If you need some oh so lovely table setting or dessert inspiration go see my sis here. :)


Anonymous said...

There is a 'clapper board' button to "Upload a video" right next to the photo button in Blogger. First, save your video in iMovie and 'export' (Share menu) to your own movie file or desktop, and then upload video to a new post. Experiment with video format choices and file sizes (you want a self-contained movie vs linked if in QuickTime format. You can always delete the post if video proves to be too small or too large and start over.

Alicia said...

i've had big issues loading videos, but this comment above mine looks like she knows what's up! good luck with hates me. it takes me a dozen times before i get the darn thing i'm trying to do right.
anyway, thanks so much for the shout out...i love that you're inspired. i was hoping i didn't come across as crazy freak out organizer or lil miss perfect or something...i just love to see how other people organize, so i thought other's would too.
also, the easter garden was soooo on my list, but i just didn't get it in. we will do it next year. i love the idea. yours is too cute. way to go, mama!!

Jessie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that is surprised by every single holiday. Every one, including birthdays and random ones that don't mean much. Easter means sooo much how can I let it sneak up on me? Oh well you are right better to do something then give up. Next year I'm making those weird "tomb rolls" I keep seeing on Pinterest (I swear I am!).

Cailan said...

Very good word, Sister. Promising myself to store up this inspiration for next year! Sophie and Will's conversation is priceless - bless his forbearing heart : )

Robert and Courtney said...

It sprouted, way to go!