Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ben loves his blankie

ben's blankie is supposed to stay in his bed...definitely in the house...but it doesn't. somehow it always follows him everywhere. and it makes this little boy so happy i just can bear to put it back where it belongs. 
will says ben looks like linus. linus is will's favorite peanuts character...well, besides snoopy, of course. ironically, baby ben is wearing his snoopy t-shirt in these pics. awww.
this particular evening ben was so pleased to sit on the driveway with his blankie and a new better homes and garden magazine...that is until he noticed his big brother and neighbor playing down the street. 
 he quickly got up to join the big boys...but was sure to bring along blankie...and bhg. :)
what's a little dirt, right?! i think so.

later he decided to be big and carried out this little ladder in order to climb the basketball pole like will.
his blankie was a big help. 
oh boy, i love this boy. and since he loves his blankie, i love it too. :)


Alicia said...

oh sweet baby :) my sophie has a blankie. it's supposed to stay on her bed too, but it doesn't. she snuggles it by her face and pops her thumb in and it's just the sweetest. love this :)

Jennifer Lavin said...

awww... I just want to hug him! so cute, Meagan!

Gaspord Adventures said...

Ben - you are the sweetest, little guy! And if you ever loose your blanket (heaven forbid!) know that Eric has a replacement for you. :)