Thursday, April 26, 2012

Green Green Smoothies...It's green but what else is about it?!

My kids aren't super, super picky eaters but i can easily go a day without getting anything green into them if i'm not on top of it. This is where the green green smoothies come to the rescue. They are our favorite easy go-to dinner choice...(we usually only have these for dinner when Handy Andy is flying even thought he's a pretty good sport as long "smoothies" aren't on the menu too often. ha:)

Ok, so here's whatcha do for approximately 5 Green Green Smoothies

* about 3 cups plain yogurt. If i'm low on frozen fruit sometimes i'll add some strawberry yogurt or just a little extra honey to sweeten it up a bit
* at least 2 frozen bananas ( tip: i always freeze bananas in chunks so they are easier to blend)
* maybe a cup of frozen blueberries or strawberries
* fill the rest of the blender full with Spinach
*a splash of milk or juice to help get it moving
* a couple of ice cubes
{sophie was set on a picture of her with her hand in her mouth. i don't know what it means.}

then BLEND! i usually throw in some more spinach leaves at this point. just for extra fun.
Ok, now pour it into bowls.
Next step is to make the extra super double green shot.
Here's what i do:
* With the left-over shake that is still in the blender i add maybe 1 cup extra yogurt,
*a couple more handfuls of spinach
* 1/2 of an avocado
* a couple of chunks of froz. banana
*BLEND again. It will look kinda weird. like guacamole. in fact, the first time i did it i was planning on just giving it to ben because i figured he wouldn't notice the extra green goopiness. But then i thought i should taste it to make sure it wasn't gross or "dross" as we say in our family now. And guess what??
It was yummy. so i added some super double green shots to each of our bowls and it made them look fancy and beautiful. :)

Ok, since i just made a reference to "dross" i just have to ask, have you guys watched the kid history videos??? DO it. You will laugh. "It's green. but what else is about it?"
We let our kids watch it with us and they memorized the lines almost instantly and now they have become apart of our everyday language. Especially when we eat something green. It's great.

Ok, next sprinkle some yummy granola on top and enjoy. with a spoon. :)

What do YOU do to get more green into you and your kids??


A and E's Momma said...

I will have to try your smoothies. They look delicious and I think my daughters would be more open to try them. I make the green monster shakes almost daily for myself using spinach (or collards sometimes), bananas, blueberries, flax seed, almond milk and ice. Its my favorite for breakfast.

Thanks for the great idea!!

Cailan said...

You are such a fun mama, sister. I get more green into my kiddos by serving second helpings of brocolli. ; ) I'll have to try to combo mentioned above since it's dairy free. Love the colorful bowls!

Christine said...

I must try this... It really looks YUMMY!!!!

Gaspord Adventures said...

This looks really good! And I could help but notice those lovely bowls - SO colorful!

Kelly said...

I popped over from Pinterest to take a peek at your school room. I've decided we need a redo. Anyway, I clicked on home to see what else was on your blog and about died when I saw the Kid History reference. WE LOVE KID HISTORY! So much so we had a whole Kid History day over Spring Break!
They're premiering episode 9 here in the Boise area and we snagged front row seats! So fun!

gaylene said...

haha...I actually laughed when I read the title of this blog post :) I had to read on to make sure you were quoting kid snippets. We say this line at dinner all the time (as well as all the other lines in this clip). Thanks for the smile today! (also, just found your blog -- it's great!)