Sunday, April 15, 2012

"ooh la la" shower

My dear, dear friend, whom i've known since we were 15, is getting married in a couple weeks and i had the lovely privilege of helping to host a lingerie shower for her. She is a perfect kind of bride for this somewhat embarrassing kind of shower: confident, beautiful, has a terrific sense of humor so is always ready for a laugh...lots of them, especially on this night. :)
I got the invite inspiration off of a picture i saw on pinterest but since i don't have any fancy photoshop/design stuff on my computer, i got to have lots of fun making them old-fashion style with scissors, fabric, markers and glue. :)

My beautiful co-host made all the snacks including the ever-famous cake pops and hilariously "cheeky" sugar cookies.
Other than that, we made Pioneer Woman's iced coffee and pink lemonade, played silly games and chatted the night away. It was a great way to spend an evening and send a lovely gal off on the right foot before her honeymoon! haha

Oh, one last thing...i tried to be discreet around my kiddos when preparing for this shower, but eventually Will saw the invite and some of the preparations and promptly asked,
"Is this a swimming party??? Why would Sarah need a Swimming party when she's gettting married? Are you going to have the party at the Fun Plex?? Is that why you put swimsuits all over??"

Yes. Yes, Will, we're having a swimming party. Every girl needs a swimming party before they get married. You'll learn that one day. :)


Gaspord Adventures said...
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Jessie said...

ha ha so funny! What fun. I threw a similar shower for my sister and it is still the most fun event I've ever planned!

Jennifer Lavin said...

you did such a beautiful job on everything, meagan! Will is hilarious - I can just hear him questioning you!!!
miss you all!

Alicia said...

so fun!! great explaination to your little guy :)