Sunday, April 22, 2012

yellow baby shower gift

One of my best friends whom i've known since we were little girls is about to have her first baby. I got to go to her shower this weekend which meant i got to put together a little collection of happy gifts.
First of all, the baby's name is Lily, which is my most favorite baby name these days. If we ever have a surprise 5th baby [yikes], her name would be Lillian. But since i'm not counting on that happening, it makes me so happy that i'll get to know and love a little Lily anyway. :)
I knew i wanted to give her one of my dollies, and since this one had a cheery yellow skirt, i decided to find some fun little yellow additions to throw in.
So, in went some fresh lemon J.R. Watkins hand soap, Boudreaux's butt paste and these super easy baby head bands.
I followed the tutorial from Delia Creates. It's basically just a strip of knit sewn into a loop and then you can change out the clipped-on flowers. Delia has some beautiful variations- perfect for embellishing cute bald baby girl heads. :)

 The beautiful momma-to be (in yellow even!) along with a couple of other great friends. mmmm, girl times are the best. so happy for great excuses to be together.


baby shower photo invitations said...

I definitely like the yellow thing.

Cailan said...

So cute! You're paper-cutting/typography skills will never cease to amaze me, Sister.

p.s. you probably need a Lillian : )

Jaimee said...

super cute gifts! Thanks for sharing the link for the headbands... so much lovely inspiration!!
have a fabulous day, dear friend!

Alicia said...

i love yellow. and i love babies :)

Audra and Roger said...

Love seeing all my beautiful friends together... especially to celebrate a new baby! In your expert mom opinion is Boudreaux's butt paste the best?

Jessie said...

Beautiful. I love how a simple thing like color can just make a gift extra special. Also butt paste is amazing! Works like a dream!