Friday, February 11, 2011

happy heart day DIY

"LOVE Bunting" Supplies: -2 different shades of textured cloth- I'm not quite sure what  these fabrics are called but i found the darker of the 2 at joann's and the lighter i already had. Neither are real heavy or coarse. The biggest thing is that its smooth enough to allow the fabric glue adhere to it.
           -a swatch of red fabric to cut the letters from
           -fabric glue
                       - bias tape 
 Simply cut out 8 triangles, fold and pin the bias tape over the tops leaving a good amount extra on either end to tie, then sew along the bottom edge of the bias tape.
Apply glue to the letters and allow to dry. Hang!

3D HEART art Supplies: - piece of back-ground fabric the size of frame you plan to use
                             -scrap book paper in 2 shades cut into hearts
                             - frame and piece of cardboard or card stock cut to frame size
Simply sew by hand or machine the paper hearts onto the fabric. Then wrap the fabric around the cardstock/cardboard and tape it to keep it tight. fit into frame (with the glass removed) and put the back on.

While i was working on my Valentine decorations the kiddos were doing some of their own
Madeline and Will's philosophy were similar -"who needs paper when you can make your body into valentine decoration?"

Sophie on the other hand, would have nothing to do with the body art and kept her paint exclusively on the paper. at one point i found her staring at her brother and sister in amazement/disgust and then announced "i DON'T want to do THAT."   : )
Happy Valentine's Day!


Jaimee Lavin said...

We are on the same page as far as our decorating and crafts. The love banner is so cute and very professionally done! Where did you get the idea? You certainly have some blooming artists in your family, they are so cute. Just love those red hands, cute nose, and that up-do with the bangs.
Mrs. Lavin

Unknown said...

the second pic is so cute!

Anonymous said...

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