Saturday, July 7, 2012

the big move

sister and i have been dreading this move for months. yet mixed with that dread is confidence that God's best is working itself out...whether the hows and whys are obvious or not. 
i'm grateful for the rare and unlikely blessing of living around the corner from each other for these past 3 years. when we were little we would daydream about living next door to each other (and marrying brothers!).... now, i just have to get used to the rather heartbreaking reality that she's not there anymore.
i think it would be an easier adjustment if she had even lived across town...but as it is, we pass by her old house every evening during our walk and i have to remind the kids to not run through "Aunt Deedee's old bushes", not pick "her old lavender", not climb "her old tree"... its sad.  

i have to remember things too: i can't run over to her house to ask her opinion on a new shirt or to borrow chocolate chips and a couple eggs, or a dress for the shower this weekend, or a few of her blue mason jars and white cake plate for a party next month.

or when andrew is flying, i have to remember that she's won't be able to slip away after her kids are in bed to have a little chat, or help me move furniture or craft while we talk out the highs and lows of life.  and when the mornings are endlessly long, we can't walk around the corner and let the kids run around together while we give each other pep talks.

instead we have to be brave and thankful for the time we had to live life so close to each other....and for all the fabulous technology that help make living far away a bit more manageable. 

tonight during a thunderstorm, sophie exclaimed, "i hope our cousins are ok!" and a short time later will commented, "we need to make sure at the end of every letter we write to our cousins that we always say, 'we miss you a lot'."

i love this song we sang at our church a couple of weeks ago. i know its kinda dramatic to apply it to my little situation especially when true and horrible suffering is going on in so many people's lives, but if i didn't believe that jesus cares about the "little" things,  life would feel bleak and sad indeed. so, i thank Him that he does care, and that He is working out a beautiful plan in all things.

p.s. these pics with the letters on them were part of a little ABC book i put together as a going away gift for our sweet cousins. thank you picmonkey for being in business and making editing so easy :)


Audra and Roger said...

I think Jesus cares very much about the little things Megs. What a beautiful song, thank you for sharing it!

Loving Lola said...

Aw, this is sad :( I understand as I'm about to move away from my sister in a few weeks. Just a couple of hours away, but still ... it's sad. She is having her first baby this year and I too always thought we'd be close enough for cousin play dates anytime. I'm thankful we wont be too too far, but its far enough to make our get togethers a planned thing instead of anytime we want. Sorry to hear she is moving. But you're right, the Lord knows what He's doing and He has His best in mind for you all.

Ps. I love the picture of you and your sister and all the little ones. Precious!!

Jennifer Lavin said...

Aww, Meagan, thank you for sharing and for the sweet words and pictures. I know you miss Cailan terribly, but like you said, you are both so bravely trusting Jesus through the highs and lows. He does care! He will bring much GOOD through it all.
Love you so much!

Gaspord Adventures said...

Dear Meagan- that picture of the three kiddos on the pathway is priceless! And yet it makes me sad to think they are gone. :( know I am thinking about ya and praying for u both. Changes like this are never easy, but you are right to say God KNOWS and does care. Love you!