Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DIY- Vintage Suitcase Makeover pt 2: map lining

So, after i removed the lovely, but smelly vintage lining and cleaned it reallllly well, i started thinking of what to line it with. My first idea was a vintage bed sheet, which sadly failed. The second idea was using my ever so handy road atlas and it worked perfectly! :

1st Plan : FAIL 
Materials: mod podge and vintage sheet
Method: Pre-treated the fabric w/ mod podge (coated it, then let it dry over night)
Put a 2nd coat on the dry fabric and coated the bottom of the suitcase with mod podge and then slowly tried to cut, fit and press it around the bottom and edges of suitcase
Problem: Did not stick, was not smooth, bunchy corners...majorly annoying

Here's a picture of the stiff, peeling, bunchy corners. I had such high hopes for a cute vintage sheet lining....oh well.

2nd Plan: SUCCESS!
Materials: Road Atlas!!, Hot glue gun and a little mod podge
Method: Used smallish pieces of atlas, hot glued around the edges of the paper, put a little mod podge on the center, kept layering, hot glueing, cutting...painted a top coat of mod podge over the top when the inside was completely covered in atlas paper.
Problems: None, except that after the first fail, i was sooo done with the project waaay before it was actually completed. :)

 - the little pieces of paper were able to fit the curved corners perfectly and the hot glue did a great job of keeping it stuck-yay!

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Beth said...

This is adorable! I might try this myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

Kim said...

MEG! I love, love, love this!

Mommy Minded said...

this is too cool!

Greta said...

Love from,

Amy said...

What a terrific idea! Love it.

Blogger said...

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Anonymous said...

You can cover with fabric as the same way you do to chair seat but in reverse. I covered mine with fabric - my suitcase had awkward corners but I got through with that successfully