Tuesday, June 19, 2012

summer list

well, since today is officially the first day of summer i thought it would be a great time to post our summer list. a week and a half ago we got our little family together and had a summer list brainstorming meeting. here's our list last year
i finally wrote it up on the chalkboard yesterday and now we can begin crossing stuff off...just in time for Target to put out school supplies. does anyone else feel a tad robbed of their summer when this happens so early? grrrrr. maybe i'm just overly sensitive to the big blank spot in the bottom corner which should have written on it: "PLAN SCHOOL". oh well, for now i'll just focus on the fact that today is "make ice cream" day. woohoo ;)

i'm linking up with sweet Alicia for her "happy day project." go check her happy challenge for today. :)



Unknown said...

yeah meg!! your list looks great! especially since it's in a bright mustard yellow framed chalkboard...nice touch :) thanks for linking up!!

Mary said...

great list! love this! :)

Jenny said...

Mud party? I think my 3 year old boy would be in heaven! :)

ElleSee said...

What a fantastic idea! I'll have to remember to do this once my little guy is able to give me ideas. For now, going swimming in an outdoor pool is the only thing on our list :)

Gaspord Adventures said...

Such fun! I want to make a summer list now. :)