Monday, September 3, 2012

12 Months of Date Nights

first of all, andrew's beautiful little sister got married last week. the wedding was dreamy and lots of fun. today they drive to their new home in oklahoma...tears...
but anyway, before they left we were able give lots of hugs, say goodbye and send them off with some gifts.
when handyandy and i were married some friends gave us a big box with 12 little gifts.  it was so thoughtful and so much fun to have something to open on each month anniversary our first year.

so, we decided to do something similar and do a date night themed box. it took a good bit of brainstorming to think of 12 but here they all are in case you'd like to do something like it. 
** Bethany, if you happen to be reading...STOP ;)

{after i took pictures, i wrapped each gift up in tissue paper, wrote a little hint/description on the tags and then packed them in a big plastic storage bin} if you click on the picture it should enlarge it a bit.
1) something bubbly and holographic heart glasses like these 3) apple cider and pumpkin carving tools from Hobby Lobby
3) white ceramic mugs from Target, pen and instructions printed out 2) marshmallows and cocoa packets

4) Jenga  5) pack of 2 moleskine journals and Starbucks gift card  6) Skittles box and conversation starters- see below  7) pink football from Target and Root Beer

Conversation Starters 

* What is one significant memory or association that includes snow?

*What does your ideal birthday look like? (from beginning to end)

* What is your earliest memory from childhood?

* What are 2 things that happened this week and how did you feel about them?

* fill in blank: I like it best when you refer to me as_____________.

9) microwave popcorn and $1 bill 10) Coldstone gift card 11) trail mix and root beer 12) gift card to Noodles
the thought of having the time/freedom to go on all these dates kinda blows my mind. handy andy and i totally didn't take advantage of all the fun we could have had before our sweet kiddos entered the picture....ohhh well, that's what retirement is for...hahaha. just kidding. i think. ;) 

if you have any ideas for fun/cheap dates, leave them in the comment section. 
now go have yourselves some FUN!


Alicia said...

this is the funnest gift ever!! i love every bit!

Jennifer Lavin said...

I LOVE your gift to them! how thoughtful and creative... they will appreciate it so much.
It's also fun to see a pic from the wedding!

jaimee said...

that pink football is the cutest! you guys are the most amazing with your gift ideas... love it! They should definitely take a pic of each date night to go beside your pics. :-) What a lovely bride and handsome groom... such a sweet photo!

Audra and Roger said...

LOVE you! And love this idea:)

bandofbrothers said...

i cannot believe you made that for her! you are amazing and definitely win sister of the year!

ElleSee said...

What a fantastic idea! I'll have to remember that for the next wedding I go to!

Jami Davis said...

This is AMAZING!! and also, Bethany is married!!!! Oh my word, i am so very happy for her! Please be sure to tell her that!!

Trina | said...

Love this :) Will definitely be using it as inspiration for our at-home date nights this year. Thank you for sharing!

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