Tuesday, September 18, 2012

overwhelmed maybe...a little vent

sometimes everyday life can feel a bit overwhelming...every so often the reality of the responsibility of it all hits me, takes my breath away for a second and i get a little panicky.  
 i mean yikes! four kids! four individual souls that have needs, issues and personalities...and i'm responsible.
 holy moly! how did we get here??
plus there's a house to keep clean,

a marriage to invest in,

meals to cook

school to teach, 
laundry to tame,

friendships and family to nurture

not to mention my own heart to keep in check...ahhhh!

goodness gracious. i know its not really a lot, it just feels that way now and then...
and i know life really is sweet. in sooo many ways. and i know its up to me to see jesus in the midst of the crazy, and to believe that he is there to offer grace and JOY in the moment. i just have to do it.
so, thank you instagram for making it so easy to capture the sweet moments sprinkled throughout the overwhelming and chaotic that would be lost otherwise. 
and thank you jesus for giving me this life and these little munchkins to raise. i am grateful.
vent over. thank you for listening.


Lou said...

New Follower!
I personally that is a lot! As a mother you are responsible for so much! way to see the good in a vent!


Gaspord Adventures said...

Yeah it is a lot- thanks for venting and doing it in style! ;)

ElleSee said...

I applaud you for being able to take care of four children, a relationship, and yourself. I can barely do it with one :)

KTSP said...

Even your vents are so well done. Girl, it may seem overwhelming, but you do it all with such grace! :)

Audra and Roger said...

Thank you! I don't even feel like overwhelmed is a sufficient word for what I feel some days but you are soooooo right, life is sweet! Love you!

Nessa Bixler said...

I love this - I get those moments of panic-iness too. You are so right to lean on Jesus and embrace the crazy.

Jennifer Lavin said...

Meagan, you are inspiring to me in oh-so-many ways, and I want to be like you "when I grow up!!!"

Love you! thank you for sharing, and I really enjoy seeing all the pics!

Cailan said...

Amen, Sister. ;)

Jami Davis said...

You are amazing and I am TRULY inspired by you! Thank you for sharing your heart and gifts like you do!

Katie said...

I feel like I could have written this post, only you wrote it perfectly. Such a great post. Thanks for the encouragement!