Sunday, October 7, 2012

baby ben's balloon birthday bash

we had a simple birthday party for ben last week.
the theme was, of course, balloons. it was nice and simple and he was delighted.

simple sack lunch with my most favorite napkins from Target.

happy times with his little cousin

exciiiiited for cake

piƱata time...will though it was HILARIOUS to hit the pinata with a zucchini
sweet times with family (we SO missed not having all the aunties and uncles and cousins who moved this summer. although we did get to facetime with auntie bethany, which was a bit of a consolation)
we love you so much benny. happy birthday sweet boy!
here's to another year full of kisses from mama


Jaimee said...

Your pics are full of such color and life! I love the sweet invite you made... what a fun party you all had. And it's very sweet to see one of the cousins join in! :-) Miss you, friend!

Jennifer Lavin said...

Meagan! it is so, so nice to see the pictures of you all! we miss you!

what a fun party for Ben. He is just adorable. And I'm wondering where the zucchini came from? haha, it's huge :-)

Eric has such a sweet face there with Ben - awww.

Much love to you!

Loving Lola said...

you have the cutest little fam! (well, maybe not so little) hehe. and adorable party! good job :)