Sunday, October 14, 2012

dump truck hoodie

one of ben's best little buddies turned 2 a couple days after his own birthday and we had great fun going to his truck/car birthday party.
a few months ago i made this race car hoodie for another little friend, but once i found the Little Blue Truck book i knew we had to go the dirt road route instead of the race track. (and besides, i was completely out of navy and black felt for the road :))
 these are easy to make- find a picture online, trace and cut it out in some wool/poly blend felt and then sew onto a hoodie from target. 
*for the dump truck i did put a bit of liquid stitch stuff down in the middle of little pieces like the window and the rear bumper. then after it was dry i top stitched it onto the jacket.

this book is super cute with a sweet message at the end. i would have bought a copy for our family too, but i had ben with me and he beelined to a giant board book of Good Night Moon instead. :)

this "2" patch covers the stupid graphic that was already on the jacket.

added a little scrap of felt to make a personalized tag.
all done and ready for the party.


Gaspord Adventures said...

Super cute! I always love seeing your gift ideas. :)

Virginia Lee said...

I have no idea where you find the patience to do these wonderful gift ideas. I guess patience is easier to find when you love it. =)

But I really have no idea where you find the "little hands free" time. All of mine want to help. So my hoodie would have been made with fabric glue and strange shapes cut out of felt by a preschooler and a toddler, while the 7 year old directed them.

Seriously, you and your sister are some of the most creative people I have ever met.

What a fun hoodie!

Cailan said...

Crazy adorable! Good night. You never cease to amaze me, Sister, though I'm feeling very dubious about the "these are easy to make" part. Also I think Baby Ben certainly needs a giant Good Night Moon.

Anonymous said...

I love this! what a great idea.