Wednesday, January 23, 2013

christmas 2012

well, we're half way through much as i'm overly ready to move out of december, we have some christmas pics to take care of.  i was uncharacteristically negligent with my picture-taking this christmas...but it pretty much looked like last christmas. the kids are just taller. ;)

the day after our little family christmas at home, we went to Nana's house because my one and only favorite sister and her beautiful family had just arrived from iowa.

and here is the one and only picture of me and my sissy from her 2 week visit here.
all the little cousins..smiling dutifully before opening presents.
story time with nana

christmas #2  with handy andy's wonderful family.

little madeline with one of her most favorite people in all the world- auntie bethany

and the next day we went to my dad's house for christmas #3. well, most of us. will came down with a fever the night before, so he and andrew stayed home.  with all the craziness and chatting with family we rarely get to see, i completely forgot to get my camera out except for this one picture. :(
and that was christmas folks. the day after this pic was taken, we began our 2 week bout with the to come, don't you worry.


Jaimee said...

a beautiful Christmas - love that last pic with the tree and sweet onlookers. :-) Seeing Cailan and Bethany makes me smile. Looks like it was such a special time for all of you with many sweet celebrations.

Jennifer Lavin said...

precious pictures with all the family! glad you could have a little bit of time together, before the sickness hit. I love seeing all the cousins together!!

Gaspord Adventures said...

So sweet! Now I've gotta get mine Christmas pics up....who knows when that will happen! Lol!