Thursday, January 10, 2013

our little family christmas

the saturday before christmas we had our little family celebration.
it started with a fancy cinnamon roll breakfast. :)

 followed by a few presents.
 the kids picked names for secret santa with each other this year. it was such a great opportunity for them to take their minds off themselves for a bit and they really had a blast with it.

 After presents and some playing we got dressed and headed outside to drop off little treats to our neighbors. It was especially sweet to be invited in by our 2 elderly couples on our street for a little chat in their homes.
 In the evening we went on a christmas light hunt, followed with hot cocoa at Starbucks.
 madeline with the starbucks bunny :)
 such a sweet, low-key day with our little family.


Jennifer Mauricio said...

aww, what a perfect family Christmas! Thanks for sharing the pics... they are so cute, and it's really loving of you all to give little yummies to the neighbors :-) I think Baby Ben is looking more and more like his big brother!

Virginia Lee said...

Those sweet low key days are the best! They make you really see how fast time is flying by with our littles. And they make the harder days easier too. Glad y'all got such a wonderful family Christmas.

Gaspord Adventures said...

Such a sweet day! Love your family and your wonderful ideas. :)