Friday, February 1, 2013

handyandy had a birthday

january is full to the brim with birthdays on handyandy's side of the family (5 to be exact!) and right in the middle is my favorite guy's. all the cake and celebrations makes this otherwise dreary month quite lovely and fun.
but lets just take a moment to appreciate what a unique guy this handyandy is. all these pics from my phone were taken in the last few weeks and are a nice sampling of his multi-faceted personality. please enjoy. :)
 obviously an adept ballet teacher/student?
our very own in-house cobbler, working on his first pair of hand-sewn leather moccasins.
also quite the {hippy} crafter/artist.
here's he's touching up a few spots on his hand screen-printed giant growth rulers.
awesome fort-builder...super celebrity daddy.

loved to pieces by us all. 
and so very worth celebrating! happy (late) birthday! 

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Jennifer Lavin said...

Happy birthday to Andy... and many more! I love all your pics, Meagan. They make me smile, especially the ballet pose (aww!).
:-) Blessings to you all!