Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May Day...nearly a couple weeks late

Happily for us we finally remembered May Day this year! HandyAndy and i both have great memories of making baskets, driving around town to our friends' houses and delivering them all ninja-like.
He started the morning out right by delivering his own handmade may day boxes to our doorstep.
Check out his origami handiwork. pretty fancy, right?  Then, since i hadn't even considered May Day baskets for the kids until Andy thought of it late the night before, we popped some popcorn and put in a couple little maple candies he had brought home from Canada and called it good.

Then we went to work rounding up little baskets and pails around our house in addition to making these silly little decorated plastic cup baskets.  
We filled them with some mini carrot muffins (because again, there was no planning ahead here!)
And loaded everyone up in the car.
 The kids picked just a couple of their little friends and had a BLAST running up to the door, ringing the bell and then dashing back in the car.
After we drove just out of sight they loved to stop to see if anyone had tried to follow. :)
This is just the best holiday for kids- its all about giving, thoughtfulness, surprising others and not expecting anything in return. So fun! We need to have "May Day" every month!
At least mark in on your calendars for next year. You'll have a blast. :)


Jennifer Lavin said...

how sweet, and what fun! I'm sure everyone enjoyed the thoughtful surprises!!

miss you!

Ashley said...

I love your creativity with the baskets and especially LOVE the photo of the girls running!! :)So cute!

Gaspord Adventures said...

What fun! We ALWAYS loved this holiday as kids - yeah for you guys for continuing it! :)

Audra and Roger said...

Kudos to you for bringing back this awesome tradition and introducing it to the next generation:) I loved May Day as a kid for all the same reasons you said. Great action shot of the girls running back to the car...your kiddos or just the cutest!

Anonymous said...

Soph looks like she's gonna be a track athlete in that picture in our driveway!

Dorothy B. said...

We never did the driving around town thing-THATS SO NEAT. I want to do that next year. Love Ben's face in the first picture!

Jaimee said...

oh, that's so sweet! it's so fun to see the excitement on their faces - SO happy to surprise others with their gifts. Truly a joy! I think this is quite a wonderful idea. :-)
Have a beautiful day, friend!

Dani said...

Love the picture of the girls running down our driveway! :) Glad we made the list.