Monday, August 22, 2011

toddler aprons

This is a somewhat condensed apron tutorial. Given the fact that i had never made an apron OR used bias tape before this project, i found it extremely comical even taking pictures of the process. I am soooo far from knowing what i'm doing but winging it usually works for me and besides,  kid aprons and bias tape are clearly very user-friendly. Otherwise, i would never have made it through...
Nevertheless, i did still want to give a brief how-to in case there is someone out there who needs first-hand assurance that a project like this is simple and easy and should not be intimidating in the least.

Now, what was the occasion that i should get it into my head to make these?? None other than my adorable little niece and nephew's birthday. You can see all the lovely details of their super cute ice cream party HERE at my sister's cool blog. :)

Alrighty, well, here's what you need:

* Apron fabric (this was kind of like a duck cloth but a little more flexible)
* Template- I used this home depot apron, although i made it a couple inches bigger all around.
*1 piece of coordinating pocket fabric
*1 package of double fold bias tape (if you get 2 packages you would have enough to make the neck strap out of the bias tape as well. I chose however, to just buy 1 pkg and make it out of the apron material instead)
*Neck Strap- mine was about 3x15 inches

1) After your apron is cut out, then cut the pocket, fold, iron and then sew the top edge (this is not pictured as i completely forgot about this step until i had pinned the whole apron! ha:))

2) Pin pocket onto apron
3) Begin pinning bias tape, leaving some extra on the edges to turn under

4) for the waist ties, start a new piece of tape, overlap the bottom piece and then continue it up towards the top of the apron. make sure you leave enough to tie.

5) Fold over the top edges
6) Sew all around the edges of the apron. Don't forget to sew the apron ties shut!
7) Sew the bottom of the pocket to the apron. And sew vertically on the pocket to create divisions
8) Fold neck strap fabric in half (lengthwise), right side in, sew and flip right side out, iron and top stitch.
9) Sew neck straps on securely
Voila'  Two little apron/ art smocks!

Sister always dresses her kids respectably (see picture above? yeah well, her lil guy loves to wear those bow-ties and her cutie pie girl is always in a girly dress. wish it would rub off on their cousins....Oh Well) so i figured these would come in handy for even everyday marker activities. :)

Packaged up and ready for fun

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Kim said...

These are FABULOUS!!!!

Ashley said...

I'm impressed Megs...once again!

Jennifer and Jaimee said...

they are adorable! so creative and FUN!

Katie said...

These are so cute! Love the fabric choices and color combos. What a great gift idea!

Robert and Courtney said...

These are great. Robby likes to cook with me and I was just thinking I need to make him an apron. I may need to borrow that home depot apron as a template. Great inspiration, thanks.

Hilary said...

Super cute, Meagan!

Flor said...

I would never have thought to use a Home Depot apron as a template! Great idea.. those turned out adorable! I don't think mine would turn out as cute... the measuring and pinning gives me anxiety! Did you embellish the little gift bags? So cute!

Cailan said...

We LOVE our new little aprons - they turned out so cute AND super-professional, Sister! The twins wear them all the time. They have the Best Aunt Meg Ever!

Katie @ the terpblog said...

so, so cute! thanks for leaving me a comment today too!

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness, these are so cute! I must make some for my twins, they will love them!

Just Jaime said...

Very cute! I bet your kids love them!

Christine said...

I want two!!! hehe Very cute!

Sew It Sherry said...

Hello, great post. I'm following you now and would love it if you would follow me. I'm still new and don't have many followers :)