Thursday, August 18, 2011

i can see clearly now...

As i (Andy) write this post, i can't get this song out of my head: 

- it's a good song, so that's ok.


It relates as this is what our UV filter used to look 
like after our beach excursion.

After a little rinse in clean water,

and a 10 min soak in the same,

meanwhile,  cute photo op sans filter.

Used a non-scratching lens cloth and brush to polish,

hair dryer (on cool, mind you) to get it really dry,

and .... I can see clearly now...

Just for all you non-filter users, remember to practice safe photography and always use lens protection.

Your lens and pocketbook will thank you.


Anonymous said...

Not sure how my earlier comment for this post, was applied to Andrew's previous post... so here's goes again.

Great post, Andrew!

Have you ever tried a polarizing filter? That lets your lens 'see through' glass or water (e.g. while window shopping, or trout fishing).

Love that song; remember it well.

Heidi (Too HOT in KS) 43 days, so far of 100º plus with more on the way.

meg + andy said...

i have considered buying one, however the lens that we use most has a rotating front element and would thus require one to adjust the filter for every change in focus. However, sometime... it is on the list for the future :-)


Anonymous said...

What are you shooting (SLR digital camera?) and what mm lens(es) do your have? Some of the thin circular (vs. linear) polarizing filters are OK for AF (auto-focus).


meg + andy said...

Interesting - could you email me a link of where to find such a filter? Thanks!

Unknown said...

Do you have a photography tutorial? I followed a link from you sister's (I think??) blog...

Anonymous said...

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