Sunday, August 28, 2011

framed chalkboard!

Hello? Hello! So, my life is kinda going in spurts recently. For a few days i get super motivated, productive and on top of life and then the loooong list of life's to-do's overwhelms me and i kinda run around in circles starting and stopping new tasks and generally just getting more overwhelmed...Last week was like that, hence, my absence. But anyway, this is a new week. My kitchen is clean and i'm ready to start fresh. :)

So, this chalkboard project is not all that original but Handy Andy put a twist on it that is pure genius. (Although, knowing how many crazy talented people are out there in the world wide web, this twist is probably not all that original... But in MY world, he takes the cake.) 
 Materials: * "hard board"- this came in a gigantic sheet at lowes for about $6 bucks. i measured my frame and had them cut it to size....but here's the twist. Don't measure the inside of the frame like you would if you were measuring the glass that fits inside the frame edge. Instead, just roughly measure the outside so it not go past the outer frame edge. THUS, creating a perfect lip for the chalk and eraser! Does that make sense?  (There are a few pictures below that illustrate what i mean)
 * Frame (i spray-painted this one yellow) Oh, and if your frame has the little metal pokey things that keep the glass/backing from falling out, you'll need to take pliers and remove them. You WON'T be putting the chalkboard inside of those!
 * Chalk board spray paint.
1)Spray frame **make sure you paint the inner edge- which is usually covered by the picture/glass!
2)Spray the chalk paint onto the hardboard and allow to dry. btw, this took LOTS of coats to get good coverage!
3) "Season" the board by rubbing chalk all over it and then smearing it with lots of little hands.

4) Place the board on the back of the frame and staple onto the back outer edge of frame. 

Do you see the perfect little lip that was created?!?! cool, eh?

 All done and ready to hang in the school room...actually its already been hung in the school room. But then i had handy andy unhang it. I promised that this time i'm actually going to spend time thinking about where i want it hung before i ask him to pound more holes. :)

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Nicky said...

I love that you used a fun citrus-y yellow and the greenish chalkboard color...

psst... the aprons in the previous post are really awesome too! ;-)

Unknown said...

That looks great- I've been thinking of making one for my mantel.

Casa De Luna said...

Thanks for the tips. I am wanting to put a framed chalk board in my kitchen and this will be helpful!

Cailan said...

This turned out so amazing! Love that funky, yellow frame and the lip for chalk is ingenious! Can't wait to see the finished schoolroom. :)