Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Mantle: only what i love

I had two goals in decorating my house this year. The first was to use only what i love, and the second was to not spend any money. 
 The first goal was prompted by the shameful fact that i can be a compulsive buyer. Especially when it comes to buying stuff that is on clearance. Junky stuff that is dirt cheap is still junky stuff. :)

I usually want to decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving but this year i realized i wasn't looking forward to putting up my decorations because of this reason as well as the fact that handy andy and i have had 7 Christmases together and my style has changed over the years...
So, i made sure i went through my stash at night so my junky decoration-loving kids wouldn't see what i was ditching this year so i was able to only bring up things i love or i thought i could work with.
(Now, truth be told, my oldest has an amazing memory and is also extremely sentimental. So i did allow him to retrieve a couple specific things that i would have been happy to permanently retire! oh well.)
Then i found stuff like this big star that i had bought (on clearance!) at Marshalls several years ago and wasn't even in my Christmas pile but i do love it and knew it would work. 

 After i set out the decorations i love, i gathered supplies to try and make a few things that would pull the rest together. I knew i had a bunch of muslin, cream canvas and burlap, so used those things for my color theme. First i wrapped an old junky wreath with muslin and canvas for my mantle centerpiece. Added some burlap ruffles and flowers and some old berries.
 Then i made this little banner.  I LOVE looking at the merry message. And these are so quick and easy. I sewed the letters on because i already had red thread in my machine but you could easily use hot glue for the whole project.
 Well, that's all for the mantle. :)

linking up to southern hospitality's mantle party. I'm sure you can find more mantle inspiration there than you'll ever need. :)


Jennifer Mauricio said...

I like your idea to use only what you love! :-) that's so true! it looks so pretty and your Merry banner is very cheery.

Leslie said...

That banner is insane! Love it! I like all the vintage touches. Great job!

Accessorize and Organize said...

i love it!!! your fall mantle was beautiful as well :) i really like the banner...can't wait to try one myself, although i might have to reach for the glue and not the sewing machine :)

Unknown said...

Dear Friend,
Please come decorate my mantle with all your junky clearance items. Oh wait...I don't have a mantle. We can make a pseudo-mantle on the bookshelves instead.

Jaimee Lavin said...

I love it, Meagan! every.single.bit. :-) What a fabulous idea to get rid of what you don't absolutely love. I like that alot! (oh, and the antlers are a great touch!)


Jami said...

Love!! I always mean to comment but I follow your blog and love your creativity, your heart as a momma and also you still be sure to find time for creativity! You inspire me :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Meagan! I have got to get into this "bunting thing" - it just looks like so much fun!!!

Gaspord Adventures said...

Opps! That last comment was from me - Joelle! :)