Friday, December 2, 2011

monogrammed knitted stockings

A good friend commissioned me to put initials on each of her families' stockings this year. 
Since they are knitted stockings the traditional thread monograms wouldn't work as well so she thought i could come up with something. 

Felt worked great.

I used some wool/poly blend, my fabulous sharp little fiskars, a print out of all their initials in a font i liked. (I thought tracing would take too long but since i had super sharp scissors, eye-balling the letters worked just fine.) Then i hand-stitched around the letters. 
It took about 4 episodes of our current favorite netflix tv show to get all 4 stockings done. :)

Now to get some decorating done in my own house!

1 comment:

Gaspord Adventures said...

Really cute, Meagan! Do you know where she got the stockings?? Looking for some this year. :)