Monday, December 12, 2011

DIY: Christmas Pillowcases

I've always thought Christmas pillowcases would be so fun and festive for kids to enjoy all season. The problem is that so many of the ones you can buy this time of year are 1) expensive and 2) kinda ugly.
So, i found this soft green flannel at walmart for $2.50/yd. Then i just used scrap felt and trimmings to personalize them.

Sophie's was, of course, a doggie. Wiener doggies are her favorite. I was going to print a doggie out and then trace it but i can't figure out how to enlarge clipart once i've copied it onto TextEdit. (this is a not so subtle request for some technical advice!) ;) Anyway, free-handing it was easy enough.

Madeline's was a bunny....of course.

And since Will isn't particular about any one species of animal,  i chose his favorite Christmas icon instead. The nutcracker. He took a little more detailed investment than i was planning on, but again, it only took a couple tv show episodes and the whole project was completed. :)
Next year i might add their initials...


Virginia Lee said...

I had a friend make Caroline a quilt and the backing and edges were red flannel. When I washed it on cold and the delicate cycle the red bled onto the quilt patches. I noticed you use flannel quite the bit. How do you keep it from bleeding onto the other pieces when you wash it?

And of course your kiddos have the best mama ever! Cmas pillow cases, mine are sleeping on clearance Target pillow cases. But we made Cmas shaped pancakes the other morning, so that counts right? =)

Sophie is looking very grown up in her pictures. And quite a bit like her mama.

Merry Christmas Miss Meagan!

Ashley said...

So sweet and so creative! Again...amazing! :) Love you friend!

ElleSee said...

That little dog is absolutely adorable! Wonderful idea :)

Anonymous said...

Easy fix to enlarge image (on a Mac).

1. Double click on the image to open in Preview. Hit the + / - until you get the size you want and center it in the open window.

2. File menu --> Take Screen Shot --> From Selection

3. Print (edges will be fuzzy because of lower resolution for enlargement, but good enough for tracing).

4. Name and save the new image (screenshot of your selection) which will be saved on your desktop so you can file it anywhere you wish. Just double-click to open in preview.

5. Tip: to download ANY image from web, just click on image and drag to your desktop. Let go of mouse and it's there :-)

6. Tip 2: to save ANY open document (web pages, preview images, email, etc.) hit [command-key] + 'P' key to bring up Print dialog window; at bottom left find PDF button and "Save as PDF".

7. For more sophisticated image editing, use the FREE tools at, and then use screen shot {command-key +Shift-key + '4' key + drag cursor over image saved] instead of registering to save image.

Heidi in KS

Anonymous said...

P.S. cute pillow cases; you are very creative, my dear:-)

meg + andy said...

Thanks so much Heidi! I knew i could count on you for some help! :)

Anonymous said...

These are SO cute! I saw them at mom's house and was completely "WOWED" by them. :)

Jessie said...

What a great idea, I might have to steal those for next year.