Monday, December 19, 2011

DIY: Snowy Star Ornament craft for kids

Or sweet little cousins came around the corner to our house for a little Christmas playdate this week. We had such a great time. They played, yelled, sang, watched My friend Rabbit and then we made this easy little ornament craft.  You can make one too. :)
Here's what you need: 
*Card board ( i used clothing gift boxes) cut into stars
*Face pictures
*Fake snowflakes and glitter
*Lots of little kids who love to get messy!                                

 I put the glue into bowls with paint brushes and the 6 little people glued their picture onto the star
 Then they smooshed the plastic snowflakes into the glue. Then.....we got out the glitter.

 Now for a backstory. Last week i attempted a Christmas craft with my kids. We were going to simply make gift tags. I thought glitter would be fun but it ended up being a horrible experience. because of me. I got SO frustrated with the kids, they weren't putting the glue on right, they weren't shaking the glitter softly enough. they kept tapping the extra glitter onto the floor, everything was completely driving me CRAZY. I felt so irritated at them and at me for feeling that way. Especially when the whole thing was my idea.

So, one might think it might just be good to leave glitter alone for awhile and that is what i had planned on but the kids and their cousins were so cute during this star craft and the snow looked a little sparse so i thought we should give it another try- for my own sake! :) Anyway, we had a great time. It was a great opportunity to value the process more than the product and to just have fun regardless of the mess.

Are they cute or what?? While was taking a picture of my nephew and the pile of glitter he had just poured out, his sister picked up the same bottle and poured out the remainder before i even noticed.
Then they both just sat there and looked at it for several minutes. it was adorable.
 And here are the finished products!
yay for GLITTER! Yay for fun! ;)


Cailan said...

You are the best Auntie in the whole wide world. :)

Unknown said...

Very cute! I was at a Christmas party for kiddos last week that involved paint, glitter, and fake snow and I got frustrated with myself for worrying about getting it all over my pants...I know that feeling:) But I'm proud of you for giving it a second chance.

Jennifer Mauricio said...

those are REALLY cute!!!

Sassy Babies said...

Such a good idea! We are featuring this on Sassy Babies blog. Feel free to stop by! Thanks!