Monday, June 13, 2011

how to stay cheerful when 3 out of 4 are sick

 Look at pictures of cute Baby between running back and forth between the 3 who are still awake due to fevers, soreness, body aches and ....barfing. Yes, my worst nightmare (literally) came true once again. Only this time there were three who all needed me at the same time...Thankfully only one was barfing but still,  all 3 were moaning and groaning and that fear of all 3 doing it at the same time is fairly miserable.
 Anyway,  praying the munchkin doesn't catch whatever his brother and sisters have caught. ugh. sickness in the summer should be outlawed. In other news, I'm hoping Happy Hair Clips #4 will be posted this week. So just hold onto your seats. ;)

one more thing, i was never so glad to find a bottle of 409 still in the back of my cleaning cabinet. We've gone pretty natural with all the cleaning supplies which is great....until there's barf. Then all i want around is a high-powered cleaner full of antibacterial chemicals. ahhh.


Jaimee said...

oh, you poor dear! and the poor kiddos too... I'm so sorry you're having to endure all of that right now. Totally not good! I'll be praying for all of you!!! And yes, baby B is just adorable. I totally get how seeing that dear face would just make you feel sooo much better. I've simply got to meet him! :)

love and hugs!

Robert and Courtney said...

Well that explains your absence at the playdate today. I am so sorry. I hope you don't catch it either. I guess putting your sister's family in quarantine didn't work. Now I am afraid you are in quarantine, my friend. Get better soon.

Virginia Lee said...

I say yay for antibacterial chemicals anytime I even think the word barf.

I will pray that Ben is spared and that the others get better soon.

I am so sorry Meagan. Give me a call if you need something. I can always drop by movies, books or run an errand. Any mama dealing with barf needs all the help she can get. =)

Cailan said...

This is just terrible. I'm so sorry for you, Sister! But you are Very brave, and Baby Ben is doing a Great job at being as cute as humanly possible.