Monday, June 13, 2011

yummy domestic outburst

We've been enjoying jam every morning for the last 5 days. raspberry jam. raspberry jam that I canned. 9 jars! How much more domestic can a gal get than canning her own jam?! I guess if i had all the laundry done and my floors cleaned and bread in the oven i'd be a little more of a domestic queen but anyway, i'm pretty happy with my 9 little jars and the gooey, red sweetness inside of them. 
Now, to be honest, i can't really take much credit for this outburst. i recently met a very sweet, very domestic gal and she invited me to participate in one of her many canning days that she organizes each summer. She and her husband really have the whole homesteading thing down and even have a blog that chronicles it all. You can visit her  HERE. So, thanks Courtney, i feel so proud that i have 9jars 
8 jars "put up" :)

This is a picture of Courtney's vintage juice squeezy machine. It was quite the brilliant little contraption that crushed the berries and removed the perfect amount of seeds.

 mmmm mmmmm


Mommy Minded said...

You go girl! I havent done this in years... :( I use to help my grandmother every year. It looks delish!

Robert and Courtney said...

Ahhh, you are too sweet. I love this post and the pictures. I wrote up a post too but haven't published it yet, I will send them over to your blog to check out the great pictures you took.

Gaspord Adventures said...

Way to go Meagan! this jelly looks soooo yummy!