Wednesday, July 6, 2011

a quilt...err...blanket?

Well, i finished my first quiltish blanket. Up to this point i've steered clear from quilts as i knew they required some measure of precision and step-following, both of which i'm not very fond of. However, i really needed a "blanket time" blanket for baby ben that would be kinda hefty and big but also attractive enough to have out on the living room floor each day. So, i got this stripey color idea in my head and decided to see if i could "wing" it. Well,  as you might have guessed, quilters measure and follow logical steps for a reason. As much as i do love the colors and overall effect of the blanket, i'm glad the fabric i chose was cheap. It gave me freedom to experiment and therefore wasn't as disappointed with the (many) flaws as i would have been had it had been some designer fabric. 

My biggest problem came when i was trying to attach the back. Although, maybe my problem started with the top- those gray stripes are looking pretty wonky. Anyway, i sewed the top to the batting first but then i guess i just didn't straighten my sides or measure or sew straight or something because after i sewed the bottom fabric, flipped it right side out and then tried to quilt the whole thing, it started puckering and such. So i quit after one strip, top stitched around the outer edge and called it good.
No, that curvy line is not in your imagination- it really is that curvy...and puckered.

But aren't the colors and stripes fun?! i try to keep focused on the positive aspects

Besides, it serves it's purpose and Baby Ben's cuteness hides all its flaws, well mostly. :)

-i got the fabric at JoAnns and it was cheap but i LOVE it. It was in the shirting section i think- it has a hefty feel without it being too canvas/duckclothish, and its soft. fyi  :)

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Mommy Minded said...

I LOVE it!

krystina / lollipops said...

I LOVE LOVE this blanket you made! LOVE! thanks for the inspiration :) so glad you linked up! i also love your blog header!

krystina / lollipops said...
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Katie said...

I think it turned out great. The colors are great. Besides wonkiness=handmade charm, right? :)

Cailan said...

It looks fabulous, Sister! I'd be tickled pink if my two hands made something that functional and cute - love the yellow and brown/gray and that Baby Ben. :)